Masia One and Eternia on 'Best Kept Secret' tonight!

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Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 19:25:57 CET

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    What up party peoples...already into the second half
    of March, and almost at the quarter mark on the
    2-0-0-2. Where is the time going? Felt like I just
    wrote all you beautiful people just I
    blinked and 'BAM!', another week goes by like water
    dripping down the sides of my bathtub in my apartment
    (no fear, Kia, there hasn't been that much

    But yes indeed, another fine week has gone by in the
    city of T-Dot, where the music freaks come out at
    night, every night, and til LATE, too! What! Drinking
    on Mondays like it's Friday...crazy.

    Hell yeah! Another edition of the 'BEST KEPT SECRET'
    is about to grace the airwaves tomorrow night. Lock
    it into CHRY 105.5 FM from 6-8 PM EST, or online at and behold Dalia and Venus,
    caressing many a record and telling many a bad joke
    each and every Wednesday. You dun know.

    We're especially excited for this week's show, as two
    of Toronto's roughest female emcees will be gripsing
    up the mics with excellent wordplay and chatting about
    their projects and plans for world domination. Yeah
    yeah! The talented and beautiful MASIA ONE and ETERNIA
    will be live in the studio all show long, so call us
    up with questions, kudos, and bad puns if you're so

    416-736-5656 (if you're calling long distance *yes,
    you too, PP!*, you get much love!)

    Let's give you a bit of info on these gyals so you why
    you should be listening and picking up any wax or CDs
    with their names on it...

    MASIA ONE is one the dopest gyals you'll ever meet,
    and one of those peeps that will astound you onstage
    with her wit, grace, and skills. I first checked out
    this gyal at the Subway Tour back in December, and I
    can't tell you how refreshing it was to see a sister
    rip into the boys like it's no one's business. This
    girl's been in love with hip hop for years, dabbling
    into some b-girl breaker action and writing lyrics for
    a good while. Her epiphany to enter the stage and
    show people what's up came last May with her debut at's all-female urban showcase 'I Still
    Love H.E.R' featuring dope L.A.-based emcee Mystic.
    Since then, she's performed at several hip hop events
    and showcases, and is well on her way to drop rhymes
    on wax with beats backed by people like Yokura Saki,
    Count Rockula (I love that name) and Moonstarr. An EP
    is floating around, so cop it when you see it coming
    your way. Also keep a lookout on MuchMusic, as they
    were down at 'In Divine Style' at the Hooch last
    Thursday filming her performance. Whaaaat!

    Now, ETERNIA...the first time I heard this girl was on
    'The Real Frequency' here in Toronto one grey Saturday
    afternoon, and I actually stopped what I was doing and
     got real close to my speakers to hear her get
    absolutely wicked on the mic with the illest freestyle
    I've heard in a while. Dope dope dope! She's blown me
    away every time I've seen her onstage...yeah, she's
    one of those performers who gives all her energy out,
    and gets much love from the crowd for it. Intelligent
    rhymes delivered with confidence and strength
    ...guarenteed if you step to her, you're getting
    SHREDDED. Girl's been doing this emceeing thang for a
    good while, honing her mic chops since '94 and
    performing with everyone from Common to Blackalicious
    to Aceyalone to Jurassic 5 to Sauks goes on.
    Check for previous releases with Jedi Mind Tricks,
    Demigodz, Atomz Family Prequel (where do people come
    up with these names?). Her latest track 'Work It Out'
    has been getting much rotation on many a hip hop show
    around town, and she's currently working on a
    full-length project for the Tough Dumplin camp...with
    Collizhun on beats, it's going to be rough for sho.
    Don't sleep!

    Lots of info, but trust it, you'll be hearing more
    about these ladies in the future. They'll both be
    performing at Chicks Dig It on Monday April 8th...more
    info will come your way about that in a couple of
    weeks...stay choooned.

    Speaking of the ever-fab Monday night madness...Chicks
    Dig It is coming up on its 4th week at our new home
    the Apothecary (340 Adelaide St. West at Peter)! Time
    goes fast when you're having fun, and the night have
    been absolutely incredible! Much props to everyone
    that's been making it a great time...She Bang! dancers
    were in the house this past Monday bringing the
    breakin ruckus with Dalia RIPPING up the decks behind
    them...I don't think I've rhymed like that in a
    while...damn! This coming Monday March 25th, we
    present a special edition of CDI entitled 'Chicks Drag
    It', where some of our favourite DJs with the XY
    chromosome count take over the decks wearing dresses.
    Alongside Onastic, Sara Scruton, and Zuzana Grimm
    bringing the dirty and sexy electro and warm techno
    biznizz, we've got Moonstarr aka Moonsparklez and Dan
    Lui doing it up in fine and proper ladylike
    fashion...please don't shave, boys. Admission is an
    incredible pay-what-you-can, so dig deep (props to
    Miss KLC for that one).

    This Friday March 22, everyone needs to be down at Jai
    Bar (214-216 Adelaide St. West) for a night called
    'Ma d a m EMAIL souljazzmes in the Mix' where Dalia will be tearing up
    the decks (yes, she's an underground turntable
    technician) on that house tip alongside Sydney Blu and
    Ray Prasad. Ladies are finally getting their due.
    About freakin time...sheeeaaat. Cover is $10
    (methinks) and it should be tres dope. Everytime Dal
    steps to the decks it's absolutely madness, so you
    don't want to miss it!

    And likle young moi, Venus, does it up in a jazzed-out
    stylee every Tuesday evening at Tempo (596 College St.
    at Clinton)...props out to all the staff and Rob and
    Greg. Beautiful sushi spot and a nice place for
    drinks...get the selectah one too, will ya? Saketinis
    and Venus on Tuesdays...what else ya gonna do? Free
    free and free.

    Playlist comin at you next week...

    Ok, time to get glasses...

    'BEST KEPT SECRET'...hell no, we can't keep it under
    wraps forever...

    Peace and Much Respect

    Tash aka the one Venus*Woman about town and co-host of* "BEST KEPT SECRET"*Wednesdays 6-8 PM EST*Live in Toronto on CHRY 105.5 FM*Worldwide on

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