Re: Track I.D

From: Andy Mitchell (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 07:55:01 CET

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    >> I had an MP3 under the guise of Metro Area, Miura
    >> When I tracked it down and listened to the real
    >> thing it was a similar vein
    >> but different and has left me in dispair.
    >> The MP3 had a vocal on it that goes;
    >> gotta dance, move on, get on up, get on up,
    >> and boogie down.

    > i have a feeling the track you're looking for is by
    > MEITZ called "get on up," a 12" released on the sonar
    > kollective label if i remember correctly.

    Yep, sounds right to me. There's no vocal on that Metro Area track (which is
    very good nonetheless!)... sounds like someone's mislabelled the MP3 along
    the trail of (unpaid for?) files. Go buy both 12"s anyways. I'd say if you
    like the Meitz track you'd get into the Metro Area as well.


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