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Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 13:01:45 CET

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    Hello all

    So I piked on Trainspotters' Corner again. Well this time my excuse was that
    my trainspotting chops just aren't at their peak right now. You see I
    thought the horns cut up in RJD2's wonderful "Here's What's Left" were from
    my old favourite, Idris Muhammad's "Loran's Dance". But just as I was cueing
    it up in the studio, I realised that it wasn't the one. So it was back to
    the crates. I wasn't far off. In fact, it turns out to have been a record I
    sampled in my hip hop production days many years ago! If you're still not
    sure, you'll have to tune in on Friday to find out what the sample was.

    The telephones and emails were running hot after folks had a taste of
    Sweden's DJ Mad Mats on the cut, in the mix and all over the soulful styles.
    If you're in Stockholm, check out his legendary Raw Fusion clubnight. Just
    don't tell me you went, or I'll get jealous! For those of us in other parts
    of the world, we have the Raw Fusion record label to look forward to. Mats'
    mix featured one of the brilliant Povo cuts from the label, with a jazz
    meets drum and bass flavour. Listen out for the other artists spanning soul,
    boogie, Brazilian, house and future jazz.

    Actually, you might just hear another Raw Fusion cut in the "Jazz Warrior"
    mix I'll play this week from Michael Rutten. Michael hosts the fantastic
    Soulpatrol radio show in Frankfurt and also records under the same name with
    Max Schneider. They've signed to do an album for Compost. He is the
    definitely the man with the tunes, so hopefully you can tune in for a prime

    And of course special mention must be made of a tasty cut from Sydney band
    The Bird. All I can say is if you like Carl Craig/Innerzone Orchestra's "Bug
    in the Bassbin", you won't be disappointed by "Lao Tzu". It's on the new CD
    (sorry wax fiends) "The Sound of No Sound" on Creative Vibes -

    until next time
    Ennio Styles

    ***** COMING UP ON STYLIN *****
    Friday 29 March - Michael Rutten (Germany)
    Friday 12 April - Spinning Wheel (Germany)
    Friday 19 April - Angela Maison & Ant J Steep (Melbourne)

    In the pipeline - Oneness of Juju, Eivind Olsvik, Koop, Cliffy & Russ Jones,
    Bugge Wesseltoft, Les Gammas, DJ Spinna, Jason Palma, Wayne Pate, Nik
    Weston, Morpheus, Trevor Parkee

    ***** STYLIN 34 - PLAYLIST - FRIDAY 22 MARCH 2002 *****
    Title - Artist (Label)
    * Australian/NZ artist
    1. All Things to All Men ­ Cinematic Orchestra feat Roots Manuva (Ninja
    Tune test)
    2. *Lao Tzu ­ The Bird (Creative Vibes)
    3. Skipscada ­ A Certain Ratio (Soul Jazz test)
    4. Galaxy (Recloose Mix) ­ Vikter Duplaix (CDR)
    5. Waiting 4 the Sun 2 Shine ­ Para:Diso (Rice)
    6. Zusammen ­ Otomi (Emoticon)
    7. Lupin III (Hajime Yoshizawa Remix) ­ Akiko (Verve Japan)
    8. Rain ­ RJD2 (Bustown Pride)
    9. Intro ­ Ray J & The Neptunes
    10. Feelin ­ Q-Tip/The Abstract (Arista)
    11. Canıt Wait ­ Jaguar Wright feat Bilal (MCA)
    12. Magonde ­ The Bjarne Rostovold & Perry Knudson Ensemble (Fona)
    13. Crater ­ Hot Ice (De Wolfe)
    14. George Dilemma ­ Povo (Raw Fusion test)
    15. Scream ­ Patrick Dawes (Tummy Touch)
    16. Feel Good ­ Agent Blk (Ivory)
    17. You Know What Youıre Supposed to Do ­ Wa Chu Ku (Surplus)
    18. Savannah ­ Ralph Myers (Telle)
    19. Get it Together (4 Hero Mix) ­ Jackson 5 (Motown)
    20. At Les ­ Carl Craig (Sabam)
    21. Ainıt Changin ­ Recloose (K7 test)
    22. Worlds Apart ­ Rima (test)
    23. Itıs Another ­ Neon Phusion (Laws of Motion test)
    24. Hold it Down (Bugz in the Attic Remix) ­ 4 Hero (Talkin Loud)
    25. Donıt Change (Joey Negro Remix) ­ Erro (Z)

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