Re: What are your 10 rarest albums/CDs

From: Nathaniel Rahav (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 09:36:58 CET

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    it's a little off topic, but
    while we're on the subject of rare records, I have a double vinyl Led
    Zeppelin bootleg recording of Bonzo's last gig ever, in Berlin.
    It's in mint condition, though the fidelity of the recording itself is not
    so good - sounds like a room mic, more or less.
    But it's certainly interesting, captures the vibe of being at the show.

    I'm interested in selling it or trading it. I have a couple of other Led
    Zep bootlegs that I would also like to trade.

    Some of my favorite obscure wax:

    - Sounds of the swamp in June - a record made in Rhode Island of the sound
    of a pond-swamp. One side has a guy talking in a thick rhode island accent
    about what he sees in the swamp. The other side is the instrumental :)

    - Shalamar - the freshest indo-spy-funk bollywood soundtrack

    - Jacky McKaiten - "The Black Magic" - an old Israeli Yemenite record
    featuring this funky guitarist backed by an all-indian band. Features a
    hebrew cover of the hindi film hit Qurbaani

    -The Ray Draper Quartet - a record of this little-known tuba jazz player.
    Features John Coltrane, before he blew up.

    - The Wind Harp - eerie recordings of a 3-story high harp that is played
    by the wind on top of a hill.

    - Call of the Valley - seminal 1968 indian classical record, featruing
    Hariprasad Chaurasia and Shivkumar Sharma

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