Re: What are your 10 rarest albums/cds? My 11!!!!!!

Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 10:38:12 CET

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    Here's my rarest LP's and 12"'s:

    1) Santana- Welcome (CBS) Their 1972 LP chock full great sambas, jazz-funk fusion, spiritual soul, and Latin rock.
    2) Black Blood- LP (Mainstream) Afrofunk Rock/ Disco at it's simply best. Especially for "Avenue Louise" & "Jesus is my brother".
    3) Creative Source- Pass the feeling on (Polydor) I love tunes like "Funky Luvah", "Rainbow on the ground", and the majestic & groovin' "Turn on to music". Someone sampled the last one, some mid- 90's House producer, anyone know? Paul Johnson?????
    4) Funk Fusion Band- Can you feel it? (WMOT/ Fantasy) Awesome Larry Levan period dance music that preceeds House music.
    5) The Clash- The Magnificent Seven (Epic) Dubby early house music. Yes, it's House from 1981.
    6) Dexter Wansel- Voyager (PIR) His other GREAT LP. Check out the title track "voyager", for some early Broken beat madness. Afronaught-style. Literally!!!!!
    7) Mr. Fingers (Fingers Inc.)- Can you feel it?/ Washing Machine 12" (Trax) Beautiful analogue sweetness!!!!
    8) Bobby Hutcherson- Now (Blue Note) Spiritual Jazz at it's best!!!
    9) Inner Life- LP (Salsoul) Woo- baby. This is some early GARAGE..... Paradise Garage music for your soul. "Ain't no mountain high enough" is da bomb!!!!!! "Pay girl" and live it up" are early house gems from the hands of Jocelyn Brown and Mr. Larry Levan himself. A genius and DJ legend.
    10) Galaxy 2 Galaxy- Hi-Tech Jazz double 12" (UR) Mad Mike Banks and Juan Atkins are truly awesome. Deep jazzy techno. Not so rare. But hard to find.
    11) MK feat. Alana- Burning (Chrysalis) Jazzy Cut- up house, pre 2-step garage dayze.

    Promoters....... you can book me for one of the most eclectic, jazzy sets next to King Britt, Vikter duplaix, and Ron Trent in the old USA. I need a vcation. please hook a bro up!!!!!!!!!! :)

    DJ Essential (Urbanite Recordings/ Liberacion/ The Bureau/ Universoul)

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