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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 19:06:39 CET

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    I have been to the Batofar a few times and the results have been very
    varied, ranging from some very weak Dubby music with an insanely annoying
    MC, all the way to one night of some pretty cool French-style trip-hop
    downtempo. If you do not smoke then prepare yourself for an excursion into
    the land of heavy nicotine. When the Batofar cooks it can be wild because,
    as a former lighthouse ship, it is not very big and it becomes close very
    quickly and there seems to be no limit to how many people they will try to
    stuff into the hull of this boat! Having said all that I must add that I
    have had a couple of great nights there and I would recommend it as a
    unique experience but you want to try and find out what is going on there
    before you go. So many of the clubs I went to in Paris featured the kind
    of Housey stuff that I personally find trite and boring and not even very
    danceable. One night that I went to the VIP Room I caught Wyclef Jean
    there doing his thing and it was a good night all in all. The crowd there
    is usually interesting but the club focusses on the commercial end of the
    musical stick. There is a good record store called Vibe Station that has
    always served me well in terms of finding out what is going on and where
    to go, the folks who work there are friendly and are a good source of
    info, check it out!

    leslie/The Power of Sound
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    > Batofar. The boat. Lots of acid-jazz stuff, but check listings
    > cause the nights due vary. Also be warned, we havent been ourselves
    > but if you're a non-smoker, be prepared for the intensity & lack of
    > ventilation. Think they even have a website.
    > At 9:36 pm -0500 21/3/02, James Baker wrote:
    > >We are going to be in Paris for the first week of April. Does anyone
    > >any bars/clubs to recommend?
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    > >Any tips will be appreciated.
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