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    LAB REPORT 12.02

    WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM
    Thursdays 10pm-2am CST
    Chris Widman & DJ LSE
    Listen online >>

    Lab Report is an update on the Chicago radio program Abstract Science
    and related projects, distributed to our favorite labels, artists,
    press, promoters, listeners and friends. We hope that this
    information is useful in providing an introspective look into our
    side of the global underground.

    [1] Kosheen Live! with Chris Widman + Rob Hamilton
    Decoder and Substance stopped in at Chicago's Double Door last night
    with the six-piece, live version of their pop project Kosheen:
    complete with live keys, cello, drums and Decoder on bass. DJ's Chris
    Widman and Rob Hamilton manned the decks for opening and closing
    support. Look out for the upcoming review in URB magazine.

    [2] Upcoming Chicago Events
    [Friday, April 5] Silly Rabbit 5 with Roy Davis Jr., Jesse De La
    Pena, Diz, Julius the Mad Thinker, Cedric and Damein @ Red no5
    [Thursday, April 11] Chris Widman + others- Shattered @ Rive Gauche
    [Tuesday, April 23] Zero 7 Live @ Double Door

    [3] A B S T R A C T > S E S S I O N S
    [ambient breakbeats | future bass | jazz atmospherics]
    MONDAYS 10pm-4am @ SMARTBAR

    UPCOMING Special Guests
    >> 04.01.02 Found Objects vs. K-Rad (Live PA's-"Notes from the Real
    >>Underground" artists)
    >> 04.08.02 DJ Joseph + Eric H (Live PA/DJ Set) [Iris Records]

    with Resident Selectors
    LSE, Chris Widman, DJ Warp, Anacron

    [SMARTBAR | 3730 N.Clark | 773.549.0203] [21+] |

    [4] Abstract Sessions featured in the March edition of!
    Check out, under the "massv" section to read the review
    of the 02.04.02 Abstract Sessions featuring Dr. Alex Paterson.
    Thanks to Jason Madden for the photos and Kim Schlechter for the words.

    >>Abstract Science 03/21/02 LSE & Chris Widman
    Trs-80 - Mr. Kickass - Invisible Records
    Thrill Kill Kult - Hour of Zero (tra-80 remix) - Golden Pillz -
    Sleazebox Records
    Golden Boy - Autopilot - or - Emperor Norton
    Bugge Wesseltoft - Change - Moving - Jazzland Records
    Simon Shaheen - saraab - zen the art of chilling vol. 1 - Mondo
    The Baldwin Brothers - That's right - cooking with lasers - TVT
    Black Mighty Orchestra - Ocean Beach - Irma on Canvas exhibition #1 -
    Irma global village
    Spylab - In the Shade - This Utopia - Guidance
    Mark Rae & Mr. Scruff - How Sweet it is - Grand Central Aim Hour mix
    - Unreleased
    Dj Stix - Electric Blues (tequila mix) - 2nd Nature - Kingsize
    Retina-Agni-Volcanic Waves 1-8-Hefty
    Willie Bobo-Spanish Grease (Dorfmeister con Madrid de los Austrias
    Muga Reserva Mix)-Verve
    Baldwin Brothers-Dream Girl (Pilgrims of the Mind RMX)-TVT
    Phoneheads-Second Sight (Earthbound RMX)-Infracom
    Eon-Tantalus (v.5)-Longhaul
    Peter Nice Trio vs. Mr Scruff-harp of gold-Outpatients-Hospital
    Horsepower Productions-DubWar-Tempa
    DJ Abstract-Took My Love Away-Rat
    Phoneheads-Second Sight (The Green Man RMX)-Infracom
    Justice-Space Re:Pod-Nu Directions
    Total Science-Timeless-White
    Fragment Orchestra-The Muse-Departures-Om Records
    Karsh Kale - Jah has Kool Girl - Traveler O2- Six Degrees
    Nitin Sawhney - The Preacher -Prophesy - V2
    Karsh Kale - tour guide - realize - Six Degrees
    Dzian & Kamien - Just you & i - Arabian Travels - 6 degrees
    Mobile Sound Unit - viennese single in bed - Unreleased
    Tristeza - peaks (random number remix) mixed signals - tiger style
    Found Objects - Das Booty - Notes from the real Underground #2 -
    Invisible Records
    WE - Thonk - Square root of negative one - asphodel
    Brokeback - the wilson ave. bridge at the chicago river 1953 - field
    recordings from the cook county water table - thrill jockey
    Tresteza - When we glow - Spine and Sensory - Makoto Records
    Saul Williams - Tao of Now - Amethyst - Rock Star - American Records
    Pre fuse 73 - nuno - vocal studies + uprock narratives - Warp
    TRS-80 - terrible monster attack crew - Mr. Kickass - Invisible Records
    Pablo - reincarnation future lounge 3 - Stereo Delux
    Polar-Nacent Dream-Still Moving-Certificate 18
    Stacey Pullen-Liquid Letter-No Catagories 5-Ubiquity
    Joseph Malik-Futuristica-Compost
    Jack Costanzo-"Calypso Blues"-No Catagories 5-Ubiquity
    Organ Language-"Organic Language PT 1"--Revirth
    At Jazz-Heavy Weather-LabFunk-Mantis
    Desmond williams-Dread a the Roughest-Delights of the Garden-ESL
    Mr.Scruff-Get A Move On-ninjatune

    * Chris Widman *
    March 2002 Top Ten
    1. Organ Language-Organic Language PT 1--Revirth
    2. Maddslinky-Reject-Sirkus
    3. Paradox-Paragon of Virtue-Archive
    4. Kabuki feat Victor Duplaix- Manhood RMX-Dialogue
    5. Phoneheads-Second Sight RMXs-Infracom
    6. Domu-Groovesome/Save It--2000 Black
    7. Phil Ranelin RMXS-Hefty
    8. Justice-Space Re:Pod-Nu Directions
    9. Joseph Malik-Futuristica-Compost
    10. Plastic Surgery 3-Hospital

    RPM Chart 03/25/02 (Domestic LPs)
    1. VA-No Categories 5-Ubiquity
    2. Desmond Williams-Delights of the Garden-Eighteenth Street Lounge
    3. VA-Departures-OM
    4. VA- Phil Ranelin Remixes-Hefty
    5. VA-Phuturesole-Sole
    7. ATJAZZ-LABFUNK-Mantis
    8. VA-Om Lounge 6-Om
    9. Groove Corporation -Guidance

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    Chris Widman
    5154 N. Clark #323
    Chicago, IL 60640

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