[acid-jazz] Reviews :: Sunaga t Experience, Bebe

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-04-26 01:57:35

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    Reviews :: Sunaga t Experience, Bebe

    reviews of the new Sunaga t Experience groove spectacular (which happens
    to contain one of the best hip-hop songs of the year, among other gems)
    and Bebe (Jazztronik works closely with her). also, Dusty Groove has
    'Bebe' listed as a 2002 release. it's not; it's a brand new 2003 release.
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    source: Metropolis, Dusty Groove
    Double Standard
    For a man who infuses so much sweet soul, enviable style, and 
    in-the-pocket jazz into his music, Tatsuo Sunaga truly deserves to be 
    called an Experience—a magical one. After the release of several 
    supremely curated compilations last year, Sunaga t Experience’s second 
    original album is yet another delicious journey of sonic beauty, sublime 
    grooves and stylistic globe hopping. Surprisingly, Tatsuo places a 
    triumvirate of formulaic house cuts at the exact center of the record, 
    but gems like the Okinawa inflected “Futari” and the astral “No Reason 
    No Rhyme” brings the brilliance back. Like Crouka, Double Standard also 
    delivers a stunning hip-hop number, “Strobe/Fruit,” that puts most other 
    hip-hop acts to shame: G-Ton’s bouncy emceeing rides above an 
    awe-inducing mélange of swinging strings, dancing piano motifs, and 
    feverishly syncopated drum hits. Although a little fatty at the gut, the 
    rest of Double Standard is unadulterated beauty. Wesley Chu
    Bebe -- Bebe . . . CD
    Universal (Japan), 2003
    A real change from earlier work for Bebe -- a shift towards a singer 
    who's both steeped in American vocal traditions of the 20th century, but 
    who also proudly sings in her native Japanese on most of the album. The 
    format of the album is that of lush ballads and mellow numbers -- small 
    jazz combo backing upfront, often with Bebe on piano, and soaring 
    strings and orchestrations behind her on most numbers. The album's got 
    some nice covers of standards -- like "Moon River", "Love Letters", 
    "This Girl's In Love With You", and "Close To You" -- plus a number of 
    other songs with Japanese titles.
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