[acid-jazz] Releases :: The ROOM (UA, Chara, Aco, UFO...), Cornelius CM2

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-04-26 02:35:33

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    Releases :: The ROOM (UA, Chara, Aco, UFO...), Cornelius CM2

    :: The ROOM 10th Anniversary
    i took a closer look at the tracklisting on 'The ROOM 10th Anniversary'
    compilation i posted on again yesterday. and although i noted that most
    of the tracks are exclusives, perhaps i wasn't paying much attention, it
    didn't hit me that the tracks on this compilation are super rare or just
    new. this might be THE most special compilation of the club jazz sound
    this year. most look like new songs or new remixes. there's a track
    from Yoshizawa Hajime's (a brilliant young man) Bossa Free;
    contributions from little known exemplary acts like Electric Sheep
    (releases a not for sale vinyl on Especial and also remixed for ACO),
    Cosmic Village; new song from the recently much celebrated Sleep Walker;
    and also a cover of Mondo Grosso's "Anger." also especial is nu jazz
    luminary Jazztronik remixing soul-jazz leader Monday Michiru for the
    "first time" ever.

    this thing will also be released on vinyl as 3 seperate releases on
    5/21: Brown, Olive, Cream. info on the vinyl version here:

    there are also comments about the individual tracks here (in Japanese):

    again, the jaw dropping tracklisting is here:

    this release is in celebration of the venue's 10th anniversary, so
    there's also some comments by famous names like UA, Chara, wyolica, DJ
    Krush, bird, Fukutomi Yukihiro, UFO. here's some of the comments from
    the English speaking faces:

    The Room forever my favorite living room outside
    of Munich.Thanks and keep it up for a long time.
    -Christian "Fauna Flash" Prommer

    Searching For The Nippon Soul!
    A lot of DJ's say they prefer smaller intimate clubs
    well youdon't getmuch intimate than The Room!!!
    Had a fantastic night there at the end of
    2002,and I am eternally grateful to
    Shuya and all the staff @ The Room formaintaining
    such aspecial venue!!
    -Patrick Forge

    Generally I am a nature boy.I like to cut trees outside
    withThe Roomboss.The only time I go out it has to be
    special.It has to be as "Especial"as The Room.
    I've spent one of mybest nigths ever there.So let me
    talk to The Room boss
    if he could open a "room" in FREIBURG....
    ARIGATOU to SHUYA-san and The Room all-stars for
    being special,musically and
    - Rainer Truby

    the entire comments page:

    :: Cornelius CM2
    Patrick Benny posted a link (on the P5ml) on the full tracklisting for
    this star filled record and a photo of the really nice album cover,
    here's the link:

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