Re: [acid-jazz] Video :: bird - tour 2003 ~alcohol~ Vol. 1 !!!

From: Wesley (
Date: 2003-07-06 11:30:20

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    there's some opinions on the new Mondo Grosso album here (mostly "what
    happened to Mondo Grosso!):

    bird isn't fluent in English. i heard her sing part of a suzanne vega
    song once and it didn't come off very well.


    Christopher Grass wrote:

    > My favorite Bird album is "Mind Travel". There are elements of her
    > first disc that I really love, though. The third album, Gokujo
    > Hybrid, is good, but it veers off in a different direction...perhaps
    > due to the fact that Mr. Osawa produced most of Mind Travel, while
    > Bird did the majority of her third disc.
    > Oh, and I agree with you (in a way) on not having Bird sing in
    > English. I spin her stuff in my sets, and people either don't notice
    > that it's in Japanese, or they come up and ask who the artist is.
    > However, since I English IS my native language, just once I would love
    > to hear her sing a song in English. Of course, she may not speak
    > English at all. Look at it like this: Nina Miranda sings in both
    > Portuguese and English, since she is fluent in both. I love it when
    > she sings, period, no matter what the language...but it is nice to be
    > able to understand the can give even more meaning to a
    > song (to me). Same thing goes for Bird...but I'd love to find out if
    > she is multi-lingual! I listened to Bird's version of the Mondo
    > Grosso tune "Life", and then I listened to the English language
    > version...and It's really tough to say which one I prefer. I mean
    > REALLY tough. Bird's voice is so perfect, but I love how the lyrics
    > translate to English: "Life, everchanging...nothing ever stays the
    > same" has more meaning for me because I can understand it! .
    > Perhaps I should learn Japanese; that would solve any issues I might
    > have.
    > Speaking of Mondo Grosso...what is up with the new album? Talk about
    > a change in sound...Osawa sounds like he has been listening to tons of
    > trance and progressive house. I like the first few tracks, especially
    > "Motormouth" and the scat of "Waitin' For T", but the HIDEOUS cover of
    > the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right (to Party)" almost ruined the
    > album for me. It could have been a b-side (as a kitschy novelty), but
    > it was just a BAD decision to put it right in the middle of the
    > album. The following track, "Dancefloor Combat", was a little better,
    > but it really struck me as a blatant attempt to cash in on the prog
    > house/breaks sound. On the upside, the Towa Tei track was pretty
    > cool, and there are some Underworld-ish tracks on the disc that
    > actually sound pretty good...but overall I think this album is gonna
    > meet with some harsh criticism, especially following the amazing "MG4"
    > and its remixes. I'm all for artists going in a new direction, but
    > I'm not too fond of where Osawa is heading with his new sound. Anyone
    > else agree?
    > Oh, and the J's Bee album "Five" is finally available stateside via
    > Dustygroove. If you liked the Sleepwalker album, and are into the
    > Freeform Arkestra...I HIGHLY recommend picking this up. No joke, it's
    > that good. Also, two disc to pick up if you haven't already: the new
    > Rithma (on OM) and the new Belladonna (Irma). Two spectacular
    > releases...jazzy, soulful, and surprisingly spiritual on several tracks.