Re: [acid-jazz] Video :: bird - tour 2003 ~alcohol~ Vol. 1 !!!

From: Christopher Grass (
Date: 2003-07-06 12:23:33

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    Interesting...well, even though I paid an import price for this, I wouldn't
    recommend anyone else do the same. I hate to be the one to say "Skip
    It"...but...well, skip it. Then again, there's always hope for a remix
    album. Now, back to there any way you can help me pick up a copy
    of her live album? It was never available here in the States, even through
    great importers like Dustygroove. I was also hoping if someone could get a
    copy of her live DVD as well. Geez...this just makes me hate US record
    companies even more. Not only do they completely ignore great artists like
    the holy trinity of Bird/Michiru/Osawa, but they are losing LOTS OF SALES by
    doing so. Idiots. If I had the cash, I'd license every album from those
    three artists' backcatalogue, and release it here...even if I had to take a
    huge loss. Some things transcend money, you know? Still, I know one of the
    things I'd do if I won the lottery, heheh.
    Oh yeah, I'm also looking for Raw Deal's "This is Raw": a Japanese only
    release on Talkin Loud that goes for $30! Anybody have one they'd want to
    sell me??

    >From: Wesley <>
    >Subject: Re: [acid-jazz] Video :: bird - tour 2003 ~alcohol~ Vol. 1 !!!
    >Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 02:30:20 -0700
    >there's some opinions on the new Mondo Grosso album here (mostly "what
    >happened to Mondo Grosso!):
    >bird isn't fluent in English. i heard her sing part of a suzanne vega song
    >once and it didn't come off very well.
    >Christopher Grass wrote:
    >> My favorite Bird album is "Mind Travel". There are elements of her
    >>first disc that I really love, though. The third album, Gokujo Hybrid, is
    >>good, but it veers off in a different direction...perhaps due to the fact
    >>that Mr. Osawa produced most of Mind Travel, while Bird did the majority
    >>of her third disc.
    >> Oh, and I agree with you (in a way) on not having Bird sing in English.
    >>I spin her stuff in my sets, and people either don't notice that it's in
    >>Japanese, or they come up and ask who the artist is. However, since I
    >>English IS my native language, just once I would love to hear her sing a
    >>song in English. Of course, she may not speak English at all. Look at it
    >>like this: Nina Miranda sings in both Portuguese and English, since she is
    >>fluent in both. I love it when she sings, period, no matter what the
    >>language...but it is nice to be able to understand the can
    >>give even more meaning to a song (to me). Same thing goes for Bird...but
    >>I'd love to find out if she is multi-lingual! I listened to Bird's
    >>version of the Mondo Grosso tune "Life", and then I listened to the
    >>English language version...and It's really tough to say which one I
    >>prefer. I mean REALLY tough. Bird's voice is so perfect, but I love how
    >>the lyrics translate to English: "Life, everchanging...nothing ever stays
    >>the same" has more meaning for me because I can understand it! .
    >>Perhaps I should learn Japanese; that would solve any issues I might have.
    >> Speaking of Mondo Grosso...what is up with the new album? Talk about a
    >>change in sound...Osawa sounds like he has been listening to tons of
    >>trance and progressive house. I like the first few tracks, especially
    >>"Motormouth" and the scat of "Waitin' For T", but the HIDEOUS cover of the
    >>Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right (to Party)" almost ruined the album
    >>for me. It could have been a b-side (as a kitschy novelty), but it was
    >>just a BAD decision to put it right in the middle of the album. The
    >>following track, "Dancefloor Combat", was a little better, but it really
    >>struck me as a blatant attempt to cash in on the prog house/breaks sound.
    >>On the upside, the Towa Tei track was pretty cool, and there are some
    >>Underworld-ish tracks on the disc that actually sound pretty good...but
    >>overall I think this album is gonna meet with some harsh criticism,
    >>especially following the amazing "MG4" and its remixes. I'm all for
    >>artists going in a new direction, but I'm not too fond of where Osawa is
    >>heading with his new sound. Anyone else agree?
    >>Oh, and the J's Bee album "Five" is finally available stateside via
    >>Dustygroove. If you liked the Sleepwalker album, and are into the
    >>Freeform Arkestra...I HIGHLY recommend picking this up. No joke, it's
    >>that good. Also, two disc to pick up if you haven't already: the new
    >>Rithma (on OM) and the new Belladonna (Irma). Two spectacular
    >>releases...jazzy, soulful, and surprisingly spiritual on several tracks.

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