Re: [acid-jazz] Video :: bird - tour 2003 ~alcohol~ Vol. 1 !!!

From: Wesley (
Date: 2003-07-07 09:08:36

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    Christopher Grass wrote:

    > Geez...this just makes me hate US record companies even more. Not
    > only do they completely ignore great artists like the holy trinity of
    > Bird/Michiru/Osawa, but they are losing LOTS OF SALES by doing so.

    you'll need to add several jazzy essentials to this "holy trinity" as
    you so humorously put it. :-)

    here's 4 (all with vocals) i've come up with: there's Aco (whose last 3
    albums are some of the finest progressive electro-soul, dub, and
    experimental electronic around anywhere; has worked with Adrian
    Sherwood, Silent Poets, mum, Sunahara Yoshinori, Stuart Matthewman;
    overall, extremely lush arrangements and delicate, eloborate
    electronics), Orange Pekoe (the best song based jazz meets electronic
    act this year), Kojima Mayumi (special and unique and fun and hip), and
    Ego Wrappin' (cabaret, jazz, New Orleans, folk; bits of many things into
    something with their own attitude and sound)

    so that should up your trinity to a....septet (for now).

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