[acid-jazz] Thoughts :: Great 3 sounds like Fourtet and UA?

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-07-15 04:19:01

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    Thoughts :: Great 3 sounds like Fourtet and UA?

    i'm listening to the Great 3 (that amazing, electic funk/power pop/rock
    trio) compilation 'Singles 1994-2002' and i'm instantly struck by a
    wonderful surprise. the first track, "Oh Baby plus," (a 1995 single)
    sounds, melodically and especially sonically, like the jazzy blip and
    glitch of Fourtet and the more experimental nu jazz sounds, which only
    came into existence around the last couple years. there are two
    versions of this said track on the compilation. i believe this version
    i'm so mesmerized by is produced by Harakami Rei, the highly touted
    ambient producer (you can also find lots of posts on him in the message
    archive; type his name in S::L's search engine located at the middle of
    the page). here's an audio clip of "Oh Baby plus":

    Harakami is also the one who produced UA's very unique and moving
    "Senkou" single. actually, UA's "Senkou" and Great 3's "Oh Baby plus"
    sound perfectly together. very similar production. i might even say
    this "Oh Baby plus" song sounds better than "Senkou." whatever the
    case, it sounds like these two songs belong on an EP together. (take a
    listen of this one Mikey)

    when i first heard "Oh Baby plus," a 1995 single, i actually thought
    maybe Great 3 beat everyone to the whole jazzy laptop sound by several
    years. that would be quite a discovery! but it does seem like this
    version is a new version recently mixed/remixed by Harakami Rei
    especially for this compilation in 2002. so, Great 3 didn't secretly
    create the laptop jazz genre, nonetheless this newly mixed version is
    essential listening.

    hopefully, all the club jazz/modern grooves DJ's will be onto this Great
    3 song...(*hint hint*)

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