[acid-jazz] about Plastiks magazine?

From: Sakurai . (sakurai_at_myself.com)
Date: 2003-07-15 06:13:11

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    I have some questions about Plastiks magazine, hopefully some can help me, thanks!

    1) is this a glossy magazine? I mean is the paper that high quality
    stuff that's shiny or is it matter like...Rollingstone/Newsweek
    2) how big (dimensions) is it? standard magazine size?
    3) how thick is it; how many pages?
    4) is this a mostly an indie urban/electronic magazine?
    5) what does it look like? a very urban design or is it really
    pretty and mininal like those great art mags?

    thanks for any info. and lastly, where can i buy this magazine in the US? what stores? and how much would it cost me?

    thank you,

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