RE: [acid-jazz] about Plastiks magazine?

From: Dirk van den Heuvel (
Date: 2003-07-16 00:38:56

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    1) It's got a glossy cover but the inside paper is not glossy. It is very
    text dense heavyweight paper. The kind you would expect from a newsletter or
    something. It also always comes with a free CD.
    2) It's regular magazine size.
    3) It's thick and dense. A lot of info. 95 pages approx.
    4) It's mostly broken beat/nu jazz/jazzy dnb/etc. Not too much urban.
    Musically it's like Straight No Chaser without some of the more obscure
    jazz/funk references or maybe like a more comprehensive Xlr8r.
    5) Somewhat minimal. Somewhat arty. Looks more like an art mag than say Urb.
    6) A few stores nationwide carry it. Tower will be carrying it in the
    future. Right now it might be easiest to get it from us (we are the US
    distributor). It's around $9 most places (the cover price says $8 but that's
    without a doubt wishful thinking...the only way I think you could find it
    for $8 would be to buy it in Belgium...).

    Some stores that carry it: Gramaphone (Chicago), Record Time (Detroit),
    Other Music (NYC), Play De Record (Toronto, Canada), MC Audio (Madison, WI),
    Halycon (NYC), and Waterloo (Austin, Texas).

    Dirk van den Heuvel
    President/GM, Groove Distribution
    Deep. Jazzy. Soulful. Groovy Dance Music.

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    I have some questions about Plastiks magazine, hopefully some can help me,

    1) is this a glossy magazine? I mean is the paper that high quality stuff
    that's shiny or is it matter like...Rollingstone/Newsweek magazine.
    2) how big (dimensions) is it? standard magazine size?
    3) how thick is it; how many pages?
    4) is this a mostly an indie urban/electronic magazine?
    5) what does it look like? a very urban design or is it really pretty and
    mininal like those great art mags?

    thanks for any info. and lastly, where can i buy this magazine in the US?
    what stores? and how much would it cost me?

    thank you,

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