RE: [acid-jazz] about Plastiks magazine?

From: Sakurai . (
Date: 2003-07-16 00:58:52

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    Re: 1) It's got a glossy cover but the inside paper is not glossy. It is very

    Thanks for that info Dirk! Really great.

    Can you tell me, in terms of paper quality, is it close to what XLR8R looked like a few months ago (before they recently started using this new really high quality, thick, shiny paper inside)? I mean,...if it's easier, what magazine out there (doesn't have to be a music mag) resembles it in the paper quality?

    Would you say it's better than Wax Poetics? Or are these just two too different in their content to compare?

    And is Straight no Chaser still using that very cheap looking b&w paper inside?

    thanks for all the info. great help!

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