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From: Mark Allerton (
Date: 2003-07-16 16:16:11

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    Another note of agreement on the Fertile Ground remix album I guess.
    That said, I do love the Waiwan remix of "Take Me Higher" - it's got a
    great 1995-ish drum & bass sound, sort of like 4Hero's remix of "I've
    Known Rivers" or Peshay's mix of Ingrid Schroeder's "Paint You Blue",
    and it really suits Navasha Daya's vocals. It's the one remix from the
    album that I like better than the original.

    On Wednesday, July 16, 2003, at 01:23 AM, BALFOURTH Winston (BMB) wrote:

    > I'll have to agree with Erik on the Fertile Ground remix album. I got
    > it when I saw them at the Jazz Café in London a few weeks back and I
    > don't think that the remixes add enough to really get those who have
    > any of the previous albums rush out and buy it. By the way the show
    > was excellent which was to be expected. I will have to check out the
    > MG album though but the Trüby Trio is another fine piece of work.
    > Season's Change is one heck of an album and will definitely stand the
    > test of time.
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    > Frank Swart wrote:
    >> The President took the nation to war based on his assertion that Iraq
    >> posed
    > This is not the place for calls like this. Please use a more local
    > forum.
    > On rotation:
    > Mondo Grosso - Next wave
    > Quite a surprise - uptempo heavy beats all the way through the album.
    > This is not really the MG I know from MG4 or previous work.
    > I like this change a lot. To me this is Grosso's best album so far! The
    > sound is more pop than before and there are plenty of guest vocals.
    > Almost a bit like brit-pop at times...
    > Trüby Trio - Elevator music
    > Rainer and crew strikes again...
    > It's a great mix of styles and genres - the result is this special
    > fusion sound that only this trio is able to produce. Album of the
    > summer?
    > Fertile Ground - Remixed
    > This band has become a personal favourite. It is absolutely neccessary
    > to have at least one album by this group!
    > I recommend starting with their 2002 album Seasons Change. That album
    > makes it on my best-20-albums-ever list. This remix album is for us
    > that
    > need a new "fix" of Fertile Ground. The remixes are good but not worth
    > starting out with. It doesn't stick out enough I guess?
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