Re: [acid-jazz] about Plastiks magazine?

From: christina_at_citrona
Date: 2003-07-16 17:51:05

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    This list seems to have a more serious format there's a lot to absorb
    and learn. Mostly information which is great but for folks who also like
    more of a personal, family like community, the downtempo list (4 years
    old now) is a list that allows most any kind of dialog as long as it
    pertains to music. Yeah, there's a lot of one line sentences but it's an
    addicting list due to how close everyone is. It's like a big family.
    Very casual. Very tight group of music lovers.. Quantic, Q Tape Records,
    Switchstance, Q Burns and others among members a lot which are also
    members of the Acid Jazz list..... .but don't join if this format is not
    your's not for everyone.


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    > Date: Wed, Jul-16-2003 3:00 AM
    > Subject: Re: [acid-jazz] about Plastiks magazine?
    > > not to be bitchy, but why dontcha just go on and buy one from Dirk?!
    > > enough already!
    > I was ready to say the same thing, this can be easily handled off-list
    > through Plastiks themselves. After all, what Dirk is saying is
    > within the eye of the beholder. For all these questions, I'd say that
    > would need to have the magazine.
    > All the best,
    > Jason