[acid-jazz] Upcoming Release :: Hatakeyama Miyuki - Wild and Gentle

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-07-19 00:49:27

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      Upcoming Release :: Hatakeyama Miyuki - Wild and Gentle

    singer of the jazzy pop duo Port of Notes and member of the tropicalia
    ensemble Double Famous releases her next solo album. includes
    production by some respected names (see below).

    Miyuki Hatakeyama 
    Catalog No.: BFCA-84004
    Media: CDA
    Number of discs (or other units): 1
    Release Date: 2003/08/06
    Price: 2857 Yen(US$ 24.08)
    Miyuki Hatakeyama's first original album in nearly one year and 4 
    months. Co-produced by Keiichi Tomita, Choro Club, Sohichiro Suzuki 
    (World Standard), and Takuji Aoyagi. Contains 11 tracks. In CD-Extra 
    format with a music clip to "Umi ga Hoshiinoni." 
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