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From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2003-07-20 21:29:08

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    here are some more reviews, but firstly some info on a new magazine & a plea for help!

    KEEP ON: Issue 1 of Keep On Magazine is now out. It includes my interview with Break Reform, broken beat (etc) reviews from myself and lots more, including a feature on Curtis Mayfield, and interviews with Mark Farina, Charles Webster...It is a uk based publication, and is available from many record shops priced £3.50. There will be copies in shops abroad soon...

    PLEA FOR HELP: I will be visiting the south of France for 12 days between the end of August and early September. I'll be staying in Perpignan, but am looking to travel elsewhere in the region. If anyone can give me info on clubs, record shops, artists etc for me to check out in the south of France (will probably travel to Montpellier etc) & surrounding areas (I may venture as far as Barcelona) that'd be excellent. Thanks!

    Jon Freer’s Reviews 20th July 2003.

    Thanks to Nik Weston, Tash & Bob at Exceptional and Kenny Morrison at Linn for these...

    Lakasha – Paris By Night (Black Jazz)
    Cat No: 05. Release Date: 15th September 2003.
    The gorgeously named Lakasha is unfortunately not a beautiful African temptress. Lakasha is in fact a group of jazzphiles hailing from the sun-drenched city of Marseilles. “Paris By Night” recalls time spent in the capital’s myriad of nocturnal dancespots, basking in the aural wonderment of swinging drummers, striking guitarists and dependable keyboard players. “In Love With U” calls on the captivating tones of Nana Mouskouri, who pleads for affection over nimble guitars, immense tolling chords, weighty percussion and content keys.

    Colorblind – Novo Dia (Plein Gaz Productions)
    Release Date: 18th August 2003.
    Fusing east and west cultures and flavours, Frenchman DJ Spider and Tokyo’s Jun Matsuoka team up to present a new dawn in the shape of “Novo Dia”. The original version takes bright-eyed keys, inviting glided synths, bulky percussion and warm empathetic strings on a colourful optimistic journey. Wagon Cookin’ continue their remix form roll with a distinctive intricately percussed re-rub, where carried away keys have their fun, pretty woodwind smiles and a joyful sax does its thing.

    UFO – Listen Love (Exceptional)
    Cat No: EXEC 21. Available Now.
    Japanese extra-terrestrials UFO have created an interplanetary love ode, in the shape of “Listen Love”. Their original version takes faultless sparkling piano keys, melancholic chords, extensive bass and devoted vocals on a faithful escapade. While Osunlade’s ‘Yoruba Soul Mix’ sees tender afro’d percussion, life giving strings, true piano keys and genuine love touched vocals on a magical synth addled revision.

    Forces Of Nature – Loopaddiction (Exceptional)
    Cat No: EXEC 29. Available now.
    KZA and DJ Kent (the latter is probably no relation of the kryptonite fearing superhero) team up for a wondrous naturally organic slice of musical soul. Jimpster’s ‘House Mix’ uses a blurry bass, appearing and vanishing curious keys, friendly vocal whispers and lazy laidback beats to create a house not house type groove. While his dub is a more straightforward version, with pointed breaks, separating synths, wonky lost keys and an invigorating bass. The original takes its power from an all-consuming bass, which underpins delicate keys, sax touches and forceful yet relaxed percussion.

    Barb Jungr – Every Grain Of Sand; Songs Of Bob Dylan (Linn)
    Cat No: AKD 187. Available Now.
    Redoing the songs of such a great musician as Bob Dylan is a tall order. Barb Jungr has accomplished the task admirably, bringing a minimalist jazz feel to his music. “If Not For You” pays tribute to a significant other, with polite keys, understated percussion and a lovely sax. “Is You Love In Vain” is an affectionately keyed soul-searching cut, where a difficult yet extremely important question needs an answer. “Sugar Baby” sees a melancholic cello and violin combo partner moving keys and a saddened sax, who lie under inquiring vocals. Bob gets a striking maekover, and thankfully comes out none the worse for wear.

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