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From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2003-07-30 19:38:38

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    Jon Freer’s Reviews. 30th July 2003.

    Thanks to Rachel At Beechwood Music, Lauren at Warp, Pathaan & Jonas at Kickin for these...

    Dust – Remix (Bar De Lune)
    Cat No: LUNECD 24. Available Now.
    While the original is a dreary guitar-addled sojourn into the past, the remix album is a totally different kettle of fish. With the help of innovators who like their beats fractured, downtempo or B boy influenced, Dust’s compositions are refitted for the better. Kaidi ‘Agent K’ Taitham’s turns “Creatures” into a snarling bass monster, courtesy of firm broken stepping percussion, stylish brass, a refreshing flute and disconnected vocals. Jimpster’s version of “Stay By My Side” sees unfurling harpsichord styled keys and melancholic absorbed strings join too good to be true vocals and a teasing guitar on a broken house journey. Chris Bowden subtly refashions “I’ll Take You There”, as ominous piano keys, following sheep-like strings and a downhearted mechanical synth hook up with Dust’s creeping vocals. This collection shows the need for remix albums in certain circumstances!

    Prefuse 73 – Extinguished Outtakes (Alternate Takes and Beats from One Word Extinguisher) (Warp). Cat No: WAP 164. Release Date: 25th August 2003.
    Scott Heren threw away some of the most wonderfully engaging honest melodies, wrong beats and odd synthetics ever committed to vinyl and CD when creating “One Word Extinguisher”. This extraordinary EP compiles some of those moments, showing how high Scott sets the quality control level! “Suite For The Way Things Change…” sees jagged beats, trembling synths, dreaming strings and robotic spurting FX contemplate how life evolves. “I Got No Time For Rearviews” shows its impatient nature, as string fall in love, a frantic synth loses itself and snipped sirens blare. “Whisper In My Ear To Tell Me That You Hate Me” tries to express the emotions experienced by estranged vocals coming to terms with a broken heart, as immaculate strings takes on the appearance of a former lover. Geek-hop accessible to many more than just the sample spotting beard stokers and flavour of the month hungry press, this collection suggests “One Word Extinguisher” should have been at least a double album

    World Peace mixed by Pathaan (Stoned Asia Music)
    Cat No: SARCD011. Available Now.
    Originally slated for a release late last year, “World Peace” has been revisited and touched up for an outing at a time where his sentiments are just as relevant. The release features artists from around the world, who are strongly influenced by the music and mysticism of India. Kaya Project’s “Walking Through” takes a trip through the streets of Delhi, alongside strolling tabla touched beats, vocal wails, uplifting strings and a melodious cool moving bass. “All Beautiful Machines” by The Spy From Cairo sees passionate strings link up with wobbly percussion, scrunched fx, enlightening keys and journeying synths. The Dum Dum Project hook up with MC Chori Salaa on “Greetings”, a spellbinding number whose strength lies in heavily manipulated fascinating vocal samples, who ride atop lilting keys, impetus giving breaks and a simple yet effective bass. Relax to a compilation of worldwise music, which is passionate and emotive unlike the plethora of cash minded major label ‘chi
     llout’ offerings.

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