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From: John Book (
Date: 2003-07-30 21:04:50

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    --- Jon Freer <> wrote:
    > Prefuse 73 – Extinguished Outtakes (Alternate Takes
    > and Beats from One Word Extinguisher) (Warp). Cat
    > No: WAP 164. Release Date: 25th August 2003.
    > Scott Heren threw away some of the most wonderfully
    > engaging honest melodies, wrong beats and odd
    > synthetics ever committed to vinyl and CD when
    > creating “One Word Extinguisher”. This
    > extraordinary EP compiles some of those moments,
    > showing how high Scott sets the quality control
    > level! “Suite For The Way Things Change…” sees
    > jagged beats, trembling synths, dreaming strings and
    > robotic spurting FX contemplate how life evolves.
    > “I Got No Time For Rearviews” shows its impatient
    > nature, as string fall in love, a frantic synth
    > loses itself and snipped sirens blare. “Whisper In
    > My Ear To Tell Me That You Hate Me” tries to express
    > the emotions experienced by estranged vocals coming
    > to terms with a broken heart, as immaculate strings
    > takes on the appearance of a former lover. Geek-hop
    > accessible to many more than just the sample
    > spotting beard stokers and flavour of the month
    > hungry press, this collection suggests “One Word
    > Extinguisher” should have been at least a double
    > album
    > !

    I listened to ONE WORD EXTINGUISHER for the first time
    this weekend (a CD I've had for a few months but never
    played it) after being given the EXTINGUISHED
    OUTTAKES. People have been saying "so these are his
    throwaway beats"? It's a toss-off EP, but for anyone
    who is into Prefuse 73, I highly recommend it.

    -John Book

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