Re: [acid-jazz] Yukimi Nagano Invents New Singing Style - KOOP in SF

From: Peter Nicholson (
Date: 2003-03-01 18:49:21

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    I too thoroughly liked last night's show, but primarily for the bass,
    drums, and vibes action. Tight, tight, tight and Ola Bothzen was truly a
    wonder on the kit. As for Yukumi, I was definitely ambivalent. As was
    M. Knox, I was initially quite disappointed with her over-stylized and
    frequently off-key singing, but I warmed to it. Unfortunately, her
    range was practically non-existent, lending a somewhat monotonous feel
    to her delivery. Also, at first I couldn't believe my eyes, but she
    definitely appeared to be chewing gum for the first half of their set!
     She also ended the night on a very low-class note, by returning to the
    stage after their encore (people were expecting a second one) only to
    tell the audience that they had cd's for sale in the lobby! very tacky.

    OK, enough bitching. Despite my nit-picking, it was good fun and the
    overall sound was excellent for a combined electronic/live show. If
    you've got a chance to see 'em, definitely do so.


    Don Knox wrote:

    > Based on the volume of commentary of Koop's performances around the
    > globe, I didn't know what to expect last night. I'm happy to say I was
    > impressed.
    > The band was incredibly tight as everyone said, but it was Yukimi that
    > blew me away.
    > OK, so her stage presence was a bit under-developed or perhaps just
    > unusual. When she sang the first song, I was immediately put
    > off because I wanted it to sound like I remember...beautiful, fluid
    > and smooth.
    > What happened was Yukimi sang like no one I've ever heard before. By
    > the 2nd song, I was digging her style, albeit an affected style that
    > is totally original.
    > I may get slaughtered for my interpretation, but I would describe her
    > singing as a swirling, multi-dimensional quality while channeling
    > Billie Holiday. She lowered her vocal range substantially and didn't
    > sing one high note (no where near her range on the CD) She kept moving
    > the mic around her mouth which accentuated the swirling volume of her
    > voice.
    > At first it was irritating; then it captivated me; then it was purely
    > enjoyable.
    > Oh yeah, and the show was too short, but I did like the one new song
    > they played.
    > Look forward to hearing other opinions...Peace.