RE: [acid-jazz] Yukimi Nagano Invents New Singing Style - KOOP in SF

From: Mark Turner (
Date: 2003-03-01 19:16:21

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    I can't be as generous as the previous posters about last night's Koop show
    in SF.

    Yukimi's vocal style was so affected and off-key that I had to leave before
    the show was over. I simply couldn't take any more of her butchering the
    songs I loved so much on the CD!

    Besides that, the vibes player seemed to be the only band member with any
    jazz chops at all, making the instrumental numbers only marginally better
    than the songs featuring Yukimi's warbling. (The drummer's solos were simply

    I will certainly give the band credit for trying to put together a live
    show. As we've seen before with bands like Zero 7 or Lamb, it can be a
    tremendous thrill to translate a studio-based album into a live
    experience...when you've got musicians with talent. Unfortunately, that was
    not the case with the Koop band last night.

    If you're like me, you will probably have to see this show for yourself, and
    make your own judgment. But if you're waffling about whether or not to see
    Koop on this tour, I would advise you to save your money. :-(

    Mark Turner/DJ Rocky Rococo