RE: [acid-jazz] Yukimi Nagano Invents New Singing Style - KOOP in SF

From: Citrona Recordings (
Date: 2003-03-01 20:00:16

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    It's really sad reading these some of these reviews.

    It just makes me want to emphasize more how important it to
    practice..practice..practice........and practice.

    Know your instrument and learn your chords.

    There's a lot of music that's released where parts are all out of tune
    and most people don't even know it because, in some cases, there's these
    wicked beats dominating the melodies. Sometimes it's so subtle and hard
    to point out unless you have a trained ear.

    When recording in your studio there is almost endless room for error.
    Most software is so forgiving.

    It may require 100 takes of a bass-line to get it right. You only have
    to choose one of them, record it, loop it and you're good to go.

    With that said, I'll give the Koop an A+ for effort on their live tour
    as well as remind folks that people have forgotten about a word that we
    use to hear in the music industry but rarely use anymore: "Develop"

    We all expect too much of these artists whom are forever in training.


    Citrona Recordings