[acid-jazz] Yukimi vs. Oscar

From: MGA Update (stevencatanzaro_at_sprintmail.com)
Date: 2003-03-01 20:37:19

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    Interesting / Inspirational story...

    I had the chance to talk w. the legendary trumpet player Oscar Brashear a
    few nites back... His discography is like a who's who of American music.
    (See for yourself by typing in his name at www.allmusic.com.)

    I had heard that he was not happy with the way his music was sounding, and
    he had not been playing in public alot lately. I asked him what he had been
    doing, and he said...
    "Mostly, I'm just trying to get into this horn " I kind of just stopped...
    not knowing what to say, since this is one of greatest trumpet artists in
    history... and I guessed he himself sensed how ironic this sounded... he
    just kind of laughed a little and said, "I guess it's always gonna be that

    So yeah, let's keep practicing...

    > It's really sad reading these some of these reviews.
    > It just makes me want to emphasize more how important it to
    > practice..practice..practice........and practice.
    > Know your instrument and learn your chords.