[acid-jazz] Album Review :: Saigenji - Saigenji

From: Wesley (wesleyhongkong_at_earthlink.net)
Date: 2003-03-04 20:53:41

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    Album Review :: Saigenji - Saigenji

    a review of a superb singer-songwriter on the Brazilian side of
    things--he's worked with the likes of Yasuharu Konishi (Pizzicato Five),
    DJ Muro, DJ Watarai, Ide Mariko,... review link:

    saigenji's personal website is here: http://www.fubuki.com/saigenji/

    the review is in Dutch, but you'll also find an English translation of
    it below.

    source: KindaMuzik
    He’s from Happiness Records.  It must be bossa and sweet, bright and
    upbeat, stylish and substantial.  And it is.
    Akifumi Saigenji, a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter on the
    Brazilian tip, warmed into CD players when Happiness Records released
    the fourth volume of their most groovy, and essential, Tokyo Bossa Nova
    compilation (a collection of indie pop, electro, and Shibuya-kei
    eclecticism with an ear tuned to Brazil), which contained Saigenji’s
    sensuous tropical-ization of Carole King’s “It’s Too Late.”  Now a year
    after the release of the compilation, Saigenji offers a breezy debut
    showcasing a versatile, confident vocalist backed by his own deft guitar
    playing, a lively parlance with his rhythm section, and hip-swinging,
    toe-tapping, smile-inducing loveliness.
    With the exception of the Carole King cover, which is included, the
    record is filled with Saigenji originals: songs that live a love affair
    with Brazilian sounds, but refracted through a uniquely hip Japanese
    production aesthetic, something the Japanese groove community does so
    well.  The instrumentation is acoustic and airy, with a sense of
    serenity circling underneath the impassioned interplay; the sonics are
    organic and spacious (the sound space feels open like the sky), guitars
    resonate warmly and percussive elements twinkle.
    At its heart, Saigenji is a body of finely crafted songs that swing to
    sunny melodies and cling to Saigenji’s sweet, heartwarming vocals.  What
    is not so conventional with Saigenji is the presence of some careful,
    and minimal, departures from tradition: the lo-fi, Small Circle of
    Friends-rap on “Brazil,” the added romance of a Parisian-inflected
    accordion, a few subtle bits of beautifying programming, the Amazonian
    bird chirps on “Monotone.”  Saigenji’s worked with the likes of Yasuharu
    Konishi and DJ Watarai, but he can now append to his resume one
    unassuming gem of an album.
    Wesley Chu
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