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From: Wesley (
Date: 2003-03-04 21:04:34

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    i forgot to add that the amazing Kanda Tomoki (Kahimi Karie, Chocolat,
    Hideki Kaji, Port of Notes, and most impressively, his own solo album)
    that many here love also participates in this album in a small way. he
    does the chorus for one song. saigenji also has a hand in some of the


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    Wesley wrote:
    >  Album Review :: Saigenji - Saigenji
    > a review of a superb singer-songwriter on the Brazilian side of
    > things--he's worked with the likes of Yasuharu Konishi (Pizzicato
    > Five),
    > DJ Muro, DJ Watarai, Ide Mariko,...  review link:
    > saigenji's personal website is here: