[acid-jazz] CD Review: Body Over Mind - Freekbass

From: Bob Davis (earthjuice_at_prodigy.net)
Date: 2003-03-08 16:45:29

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    Body Over Mind - Freekbass

    The first thing you need to know about the band Freekbass is that they are protoges's of FUNK
    SUPERSTAR, Bootsy Collins.

    Now I know that a few of yall believe KNEE-GRO Radio stations when they tell yall that the
    FUNK IS DEAD and that you need to be satisfied with the cesspool of music being currently
    laid on us by these irresponsible radio stations.

    However one listen to the CD 'Body Over Mind' by Freekbass will have you up dancing like it's
    '1979' :)

    For example, the song 'Mission' has a beat and guitars reminiscent of the FUNK classic
    'Slide' by SLAVE (remember dat one?). The song 'Body Over Mind' sounds like a cross between
    early 80's Prince and ZAPP from the same period. 'Sense of Anxiety' sounds like a bit of
    'acid drenched Funkadelic' from the early 1970's. 'Freekbass 2yk' is yet another song that
    will have you up on the dance floor and having a flashback to the 1970's. 'Baby Baby' has
    got a SUPER FUNKY organ/synth combo that will have you searching the house to see if you have
    any leftover black light fluorescent bulbs hidden away someplace.

    'Thang' is a rap song that reminds us of how much we used to hear the serious 'P-Funk Groove'
    as a staple of most of the rap music we heard. It's also a reminder of how rarely we hear it

    The whole thing (from end to end) will have you up off of your be-hind and dancing.

    Yeah, this CD is seriously 'retro'.

    However it does show that good FUNK can still be produced in the new millennium.

    And as far as I'm concerned, that is something worth rejoicing for.

    Now if we could only convince KNEE-GRO radio stations that it is also a good thing?

    Hell, it would be a whole lot nicer than listening to the continuous stream of young boys
    singing, who sound like they are on the receiving end of an enema while they are in the
    recording studio?

    Track Listing for:

    Body Over Mind - Freekbass

    1. Intro

    2. Hear Me Play

    3. Mission

    4. Body Over Mind

    5. Sense of Anxiety

    6. Connect

    7. Freekbass 2yk

    8. Baby Baby

    9. Thang

    10. Do What You Gotta Do

    11. Peppermint Leather

    12. She's Already There

    13. Silver 17

    Check it out yall, this CD was named by Soul-Patrol as one of the top 20 CD releases of 2002!

    Please remember that FUNK IS NOT DEAD
    (you just gotta look a little harder to find it in 2003)

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