Re: [acid-jazz] Winter Music Conference: Worth it?

Date: 2003-03-08 09:27:41

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    > I'm thinking about heading to Miami this year but I wonder, is it really
    > worth it? I've heard all sorts of things about how the whole vibe has
    > changed and how crass everything is now.

    that is why i stopped going! by my 3rd time there i knew i did not want to go
    back for a 4th. the staff at venues started becoming really mean, prices all
    the sudden got way jacked up. instead of letting it be a nice money maker
    during the slow season (you were able to get rooms for $40) everything got

    my friends that live there would tell me how that week was the week that
    there were more "cooler" people than normal and how the clubs were so good. i
    am not trying to be negative on this front either but alot of "ravers"
    started going down there as well, anybody who was walking by with a stack of
    records was bothered non stop for changed. although my friends
    who went to the downtempo/acid jazz type events said they were great!....

    we'll see