[acid-jazz] Urban Landscapes (Friday March 7, 2003): News, Trip Story Part Deux, Reviews, & Last Week's Playlist

From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart_at_calpoly.edu)
Date: 2003-03-12 08:09:30

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    The special covers show, broadcasted last Friday, is now available
    online for listening. It's been a bit of an education for me in some
    cases to dig up the original artists on some of the tunes, finding
    interesting historical facts along the way. I have to give thanks to
    respondents from the Acid Jazz mailing list on the Internet
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    March 21-The Winter Quarter Rewind Special Part One: The Albums
    March 28-The Winter Quarter Rewind Special Part Two: The Singles/Eps
    April 4-European Trip Special
    Coming Soon: The Urban Landscapes Guest Mix segment. Details
    Yes, now that I'm finally catching up they will soon come for you to
    view online. Patience, my friends.
    VIENNA (December 30, 2002-January 6, 2003)
    It's away from the rain of England and onward to the snow of Vienna--by
    way of Graz. I was excited about the real adventure soon to come...the
    first real start of my journey through the musical landscapes of Europe.
    It's something that I've wanted to do for a very long time, and by now
    things were becoming all the more real.
    My flight lands at Graz Airport, formally known as Flughafen Graz. After
    clearing customs, I was greeted by Alan Brown, aka Cukipapa, and two of
    his friends; Adni, an architectural student from Boston on holiday, and
    the lovely but mysterious woman friend of theirs known as Nina from
    Sarevejo. After our greetings, the group was acquainting me with a
    little tour of the city. 
    This year is apparently a significant one for the city of Graz. At the
    time, there was quite a bit of renovation and construction throughout
    the city. Graz has been chosen as the Cultural Capital of Europe for
    2003. The city has been pouring quite a bit of money into sprucing up
    the area to prepare for the many visitors expecting to partake in the
    cultural events throughout the year.
    After the city tour and hanging out at a quaint cafe for awhile, we've
    left Graz behind. We've all packed into Adni's car to take the two-hour
    drive to Vienna. In spite of my best efforts to keep awake, the lack of
    sleep since my arrival to Europe was getting to me. We've chatted with
    one another for awhile, but then poor Adni had to put up with us
    sleepyheads soundly resting away.
    We eventually made it to Vienna, making our way from one
    spectacular-looking city to another. Just like Graz, the town was
    recovering snowfalls that happened days before. We bid the duo of Adni
    and Nina goodbye for the moment, then Alan escorted me to his flat. I'm
    not sure how long the building that he lives in has been around, but
    forget elevators...these were stairs going about five stories high.
    Makes for good exercise, I'd say.
    Soon, I was greeted by Alan's flatmates, Amanda and Pollard...both
    Colorado expatriates. Samantha moved to Vienna to pursue art, and was
    schooled by some of the old-school veteran artists in an "artist boot
    camp" sort of atmosphere. Nowadays, she's doing quite well for herself.
    Pollard is also attempting to let his musical talents guide him on a
    path to the future.
    The first taste of club madness I was treated to on the evening of my
    arrival was a long-standing Monday-night club event known as the Dub
    Club. If you're ever in the mood to go dancing on a Monday, then you
    might do well to check it out. I sure did, and I was very impressed.
    The Dub Club is held in a popular nightclub called The Flex. It's
    literally an underground club that's kind of like walking into a very
    wide storm drain. There's grafitti and the appearance of decay on the
    outside. Once inside, though, you'll need to pass a full bar on one side
    and some packed seating on the other to get to the main dance area. In
    our case, in at about 1:30am and out at around 5am...insane even for me!
    New Year's Eve was quite an experience in of itself. The night Alan and
    I were moseying about through one of Vienna's main shopping areas, the
    streets were filled with people celebrating the end of 2002, braving the
    cold weather. If you weren't bundled up, you were going to suffer. But
    it seems that the ones with the most suffering were the unfortunate
    souls getting scared out of their wits by kids & teens throwing tiny
    pyro gizmos next to their shoes. Yes, they are firecrackers and yes, a
    loud POP is how it was. 
    Later in the evening, Alan had to focus on getting a New Year's Eve gig
    in gear. I've accompanied Adni & Nina from his gig to The Flex. The
    night's event was the G-Stone New Year's Eve Party. The main stage was
    cordoned off by a glass partition, which ended up creating two separate
    party areas. I eventually lost Adni in the crowd, which shouldn't have
    been since he's a rather tall guy. I should have stuck with him because
    I saw him later from a distance inside the secured area. I know that
    both Kruder & Dorfmeister were there, as well as a G-Stone resident
    known as Flo who was spinning a nice set. There were supposedly other
    G-Stone folks in DJ rotation at the gig...certainly some lucky friends
    and acquaintances having their own festive celebration on the stage,
    facing the rest of us on the floor.
    At midnight on New Year's Eve, a remarkable thing happens in Vienna.
    Chances are very good that you'll hear Johann Strauss's "Blue Danube
    Waltz" coming from boomboxes on the streets or, in the case of The Flex,
    from its sound system. And when you hear it, you will find people
    waltzing...yes, that's right, waltzing! And so it was that those who
    knew of the tradition at the  G-Stone party did the do, both in the pit
    and on the stage. Add the multimedia spectacle for good measure, and it
    looked mighty unreal.
    After the 10-minute festivities, it was back to the dancing, the music,
    the vibes. I was there at 10:30pm, and left with Alan (who arrived at
    The Flex sometime after 3am) sometime after 5:30am...with the party
    still in full effect!
    Another great highlight of my trip that kept me out all night again was
    an established weekly event known as Soul Sugar. Nothing but rare
    grooves, raw soul, and funky vibes all night long. These were
    heavy-hitting rare funk and soul grooves that kept me dancing for five
    hours straight at the DJ booth, looking onwards to at least 600 people
    dancing madly (with the line stretching for about 150 meters out the
    door). These were mostly twentysomethings dancing to the stuff. Was I
    impressed? Indeed!
    There are many other things I'd like to tell you about Vienna, and of my
    week there. Between Alan and me, we've taken quite a few pictures during
    my stay. I'll share many of them online soon so you can have a look.
    Through both quiet times and active times, Vienna is just full of life.
    I can tell you that there's a lot of good memories from my Euro getaway
    were there. I'd like my next visit to be during the summer, but Vienna
    is definitely worth repeat visits anytime of the year.
    Links to Vienna:
    The Flex (http://flex.at/)
    G-Stone (http://www.g-stoned.com/)
    Klein (http://www.kleinrecords.com/)
    Black Market Record Shop (http://www.blackmarket.at/)
    Soul Sugar (http://www.soulsugar.org/)
    Graz--2003 Cultural City of Europe (http://www.graz03.at/) 
    Amanda Sage's site (http://www.amandasage.com/)
    BUDAPEST (January 4, 2003)
    It was early Saturday morning, just a few hours after dawn. Alan and I
    had only about 20 minutes to ready ourselves and leave his flat in order
    to make it to the train station. After taking one of the tube to of the
    main station, we've purchased our tickets and then boarded the train
    soon afterwards.
    Unfortunately, we weren't free to take just any seat as we have hoped.
    With just a few hours' sleep from the night before (we were hanging in a
    local pub with Amanda and the crew), we were both hoping to make good
    use of one of the empty sleep compartments. Most of them at the time
    were empty. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But that was not to
    One of the conductors beckoning us wasn't in an agreeable mood. Alan
    tried his best to negotiate staying put in our would-be sleeping
    compartment, but the conductor wouldn't budge. We've had to move
    Wie've ended up walking our pooped-out bodies, searching for coach
    seats. After finding a fairly roomy coach area, we've shared our
    compartment with a couple. Between small talk, reading the newspaper,
    fiddling with my minidisc recorder, and sleeping, we were on our way to
    Budapest. We've made several stops along the way, showing our passports
    to various customs folks about three times while enroute.
    A bit over three hours later, the train arrived at its final
    destination-the main Budapest train station. While Alan has visited
    Budapest many times, I was a bit in awe with the realization that I'm in
    yet another country. In the back of my head, my thinking was that this
    was as close to the former Soviet republic as I've ever been. No, there
    were no secret police coming up to us to ask for I. D. or spying on
    us…at least none that I knew of!
    On the way out of the station, we've made our way to the station's front
    entrance. We've each taken a few pictures with our digital cameras, soon
    to add them to our growing collection of pictoral memories. Quite a few
    cabs were in waiting, jockeying for position in hopes of huddling
    passengers to their vehicles. I was reminded by Alan that they were all
    struggling blue collar workers, working just to make ends meet in hopes
    of supporting their loved ones.
    Tibi, one half of the Hungarian duo known as the Crate Soul Brothers,
    greeted us. Other than receiving their newsletters, I didn't know much
    about them at the time. I've eventually learned that they also have
    composed music, as well as constructing some awesome remixes that I've
    heard later on. He and Gabor, who we were to meet at another location
    not far from the station, are also the keepers of our special music
    scene, representing Budapest and doing their best to keep the scene
    Alan had urged me to meet them and get a little taste of Budapest, so
    those were the main purposes for our visit. Tibi greeted us in a warm
    and friendly manner, welcoming me to Budapest and saying hello to an old
    friend once again. None of us had any firm itinerary in place, but we
    were going to make the best of this day. It was chilly weather, but the
    sun also joined us for this day to make the area even more scenic.
    After taking a little bit of a walk and soaking up the sights of ancient
    buildings and curious onlookers (as well as a bit of people-watching on
    my part), we would take the trolley to meet up with Gabor.
    After hooking up with Gabor, we've headed to a favorite café of theirs
    to hang for awhile and sample some food. I've learned that Gabor has
    been quite busy completing his masters degree program, and hasn't had as
    much time to devote to his Crate duties of late. In addition, he has
    been very busy using his position as a board member of the
    non-commercial radio station, Telios, to return it to the air. As of
    now, it should return to the airwaves very soon.
    For the next six hours we were all together, with all of us travelling
    around in Gabor's compact car. I will tell you right now that should you
    visit Vienna, you really are encouraged to at least take a day trip to
    Budapest. A little trivia is in order: Budapest was once two separate
    cities. "Buda" is the area of the city that's situated on a higher
    elevation (read: hills), while "Pest" is the lower elevation that's at
    or near sea level.
    From the higher elevation, Budapest looks absolutely spectacular. When
    the pictures are posted online, you'll get to see some of the ancient
    beauty of the area. The buildings, and the area, has had a long history
    that has preceded the states, and to me that's a nifty thing.
    Between sightseeing, we've had a Hungarian dinner at a restaurant
    (delicious, I must say), then went to a café for Alan to meet up with a
    business associate while Tibi and I spoken for awhile. Gabor was with
    us, but he soon had to leave us behind for a previous engagement.
    Not long afterwards, Alan and I had to return to the train station to
    return to Vienna. Tibi tagged along with us as we've made our way back
    via the trolley, leading us to the station. Once there, Alan and I said
    our goodbyes to him. The Crate Soul boys are very down-to-earth guys,
    and I look forward to meeting them again in the future.
    About four hours later, Alan and I were back in Vienna.
    Links to Budapest:
    Tilos Radio (http://tilos.hu/)
    Crate Soul Brothers newsletter: send mail to keyser.shuriken_at_freemail.hu
    to subscribe; highly recommended
    NEXT INSTALLMENT: Part 3--Stuttgart & Gonkyburg
    Various Artists-Playlist (JCR/Compost)
    Great new compilation from JCR, compiled by Jazzanova. Fresh off their
    debut album "In Between" from last year, the collective digs into the
    label's catalogue of releases for an eclectic musical collection.
    There's a mixture of tunes such as "Brother" from Victor Davies and
    Yukihiro Fukutomi's "I Am," as well as remixes of favorites such as
    Rima's soulfully broken mix of Koop's "Bright Nights." 
    Also seek the dope Playlist EP on vinyl with three cuts not on the
    compilation, including new Rima from its forthcoming album and The
    Underwolves getting a strong dancefloor mix from Integra of "In The
    Various Artists-The United Nations of Future Music Vol. 1 (Om)
    Kaskade-It's You, It's Me (Om)
    San Francisco's Om Records has been getting rather busy lately. After
    dropping the final volume in its "Om Lounge" series, the label kicks off
    a new series with its new mantra, letting folks know that it's the
    "United Nations of Future Music." Volume 1 features music from many
    artists on the Om roster. Some notable cuts here includes Ski Oakenful
    remixing King Kooba's "If I Could" (checked out their album "Indian
    Summer" on the label…nice one from last year), and new music from King
    Britt's Scuba moniker called "Bare Naked."
    Meanwhile, house music veteran Kaskade drops his debut album "It's You,
    It's Me." This is one that's more for the deep house heads with a
    soulful vibe and a variety of competent vocals. Have a listen for
    yourself and choose.
    Jazzinho--Constelacao: Quant Remix (Ecco Chamber CD-R/Austria)
    One of Gonkyhurg's main players, Joanas Quant, takes a different take on
    this tune from Jazzinho, giving it groove-injected Latin flavor that's
    spicy and delicious. Look for this one to drop soon from Ecco Chamber,
    whose quality releases have been putting vinyl into more DJs' record
    bags. I like, I like, I like!
    Anorganik featuring Sena--Endlessly (Atlas CD-R/Hungary)
    At around 150 bpm, this is one stormer of a tune. It has all the makings
    of a great dancefloor filler….catchy grooves, mean synth-bassline, sexy
    lyrics, and some arresting vocals from Sena. To say that this tune is
    super-dope is an understatement, in my opinion…this needs a release and
    wide at that. It has terrific potential to become absolutely massive.
    Hungarian artist Gabor Deutsch, aka Anorganik, is definitely one to
    watch (with fellow countryman Carmel taking the reins, for now). 
    Various Artists-DJ Smash Presents Phonography 2 (Blue Note)
    DJ Smash has given us a gift with the well-received "Phonography"
    compilation back in 2001. He's back with a new volume of phonographic
    delights from the Blue Note archives, and even picking out some goods
    from the much-respected European Blue Notes vault.
    16 very cool tracks fills up this volume. Representing are artists such
    as Marc Moulin, St. Germain, and Charlie Hunter. We also get nice
    remixes from DJ Spooky, Joe Claussell, Koop, and DJ Smash himself…among
    others. Now you don't really want to be left standing without this one
    do you? I didn't think so!
    Jori Hulkkonen-Different (F Communications/PIAS America)
    Lately, the Scandinavian region of Europe has been receiving quite a bit
    of notice in the underground music scene. We have countries such as
    Sweden, Norway, and Denmark representing oh-so-finely.
    And then there's Finland. While we tend to focus on artists such as the
    talented collective Nuspirit Helsinki, we tend to forget those artists
    that have been around the block for some time.
    And so it is that Finnish artist Jori Hulkonnen gets another due. Fresh
    from his long player "When No One Is Watching, We Are Invisible,"
    Hulkonnen comes back with his new release for the French label F
    Communications called "Invisible." He surely puts the "deep" in deep
    house, also moving it at times in a downbeat direction with lush
    Several vocalists take turns on this one, but for me it's the non vocal
    tracks that I'm feeling. Look out for some nice goodness such as the
    epic track "Latin Taiga." You be the judge.
    P'Taah-Staring At The Sun (Ubiquity)
    Yikes…Chris Brann (he of the Wamdue Project and the Ananda Project)
    comes back most correct with this worthy follow-up to his excellent
    "Compressed Light" debut for Ubiquity. Putting on his P'Taah guise once
    again, the Atlanta-based artist gives us a most wonderful gift in
    "Staring At The Sun." 
    The album is a mixture of jazz-laden delights like the title track, as
    well as deep groovers such as "Nobody Knows." With a variety of
    influences such as Latin, worldbeat, and other influences, Brann weaves
    the variety of music to create a very satisfying album--both for the
    dancefloor and for the mind. 
    This has inched up among my top-10 albums of 2003 so far. Check it for
    yourself, and prepare to lose yourself with this one.
    Phil Parnell-Runaway 12": Bugge Wesseltoft & Mantis Recordings "Filmix"
    Remixes (Mantis white/UK)
    From Mantis Recordings in the UK comes the first single from Phil
    Parnell's dope debut "Do Your Living In the.Night" The tune "Runaway,"
    featuring some cut-up vocal work from Liz Fletcher (the vocalist for Los
    Ladrones), gets the remix treatment.
    In addition to the original, we get a spacey funked-out vibe from
    Norwegian wunderkind Bugge Wesseltoft (an accomplished pianists in his
    own rights, as is Parnell). He puts his own touches on "Runaway,"
    building things up into a satisfying climax…then a gentle conclusion. 
    Then proving that sometimes two heads are better than one, Mr. Iveson
    and Mr. Mantis get together for a "Filmix" remix that could definitely
    do it for the dancefloor. It's pretty damn infectious, having me do
    replays for awhile the first time I've heard it. Check it soon, and run
    away with it!
    De Vibroluxe-Chicken Chop Suey EP 12" (Couch/Austria)
    Dhizan & Kamien's Couch label out of Vienna puts forth a new EP from an
    outfit known as De Vibroluxe. Three catchy tunes are on this 12", plus a
    remix. If you know of Dhizan & Kamien, then know that you'll get some
    quirky jazzy dancey vibes fwith these tunes. Groovilicious.
    Quantic-Off The Beaten Track: Carmel Remix (Tru Thoughts CD-R/UK)
    I've been feeling this one since first hearing it while in Europe. Hell,
    even Will Quantic was very down with this one, calling it  "brillaint."
    The Hungarian artist Carmel, surely knows the language of music. If
    you've picked up his 12" of "Nujazzkiller" on Zero dB's Fluid Ounce
    label, or listened to him as Marcel (clever anagram, isn't it??) on the
    most recent Earth volume for LTJ Bukem's Good Looking label, then you
    know how very talented this man is.
    And can he do a remix! Taken from Quantic's "Apricot Morning" album that
    was released last year, "Off The Beaten Track" gets a bass-heavy dub
    that's just absolutely insane. Thankfully, Tru Thoughts knows better and
    will soon release this gem as a 12". So get this one when it's fresh out
    of the oven.
    Many of us are waiting anxiously for more, as Carmel should drop his
    debut long player for Fluid Ounce later this year. He's already shown to
    be no fluke in the least.
    Gotan Project-Santa Maria/Triptico 12": Todd Middleton & Peter Kruder
    Remixes (Ya Basta!/XL)
    This is a keeper. Many of you know of the excellent "La Revancha del
    Tango" album from the French trio known as the Gotan Project from 2001.
    The album will get a domestic release here stateside in early April, and
    just in time for this are two dope remixes. Mr. Kruder drops his take of
    Triptico in semi-house mode, but my favorite mix is Todd Middelton's
    take on "Santa Maria"...sexygroovelicious with deep house sensibilities
    that had me doing replays. Nice 12"...out now.
    VELANCHE'S SOUNDSCAPES FOR MARCH 2003 (In no particular order)
    1.  Gotan Project--Santa Maria/Triptico 12":
          Tom Middelton & Peter Kruder Remixes) (XL)
    2.  Various Artists--On The Right Track sampler 12" (Do Right/Canada)
    3.  Various Artists--Future Sounds of Jazz 9 (Compost)
    4.  Banda Favela--Remixes EP #1 & #2 12" (Head To Toe/Italy)
    5.  Shaun Escoffery--Let It Go: Jazzanova Vocal Mix (Oyster/UK)
    6.  Various Artists--Jazz Bizniz 3 (Counterpoint test/UK)
    7.  Quantic--Search The Heavens 12" (Tru Thoughts/UK)
    8.  Nigel Hayes--It's Your Move (Sunshine Enterprises test/Austria)
    9.  Phuturistix--Feel It Out 12": original & Daluq Remixes
          (Hospital white/UK)
    10. Various Artists--The Return of the PJ Project Vol. 3 12" (?)
    11. Various Artists--Stereo Deluxe One (Stereo Deluxe/Germany)
    12. Mauracher--Meilenstein 12" (Fabrique/Austria)
    13. Kemit Sources--Play EP 12"(Versatile/France)
    14. Various Artists--Fantastic Freeriding (Switchstance/Germany)
    15. Various Artists--Playlist (JCR/Compost)
    16. Quantic--Off The Beaten Track: Carmel remix (Tru Thoughts CD-R/UK)
    17. Anorganik featuring Sena--Endlessly (Atlas CD-R/Hungary)
    18. Massive Attack--Special Cases 12":        
          Luomo & Akufen Remixes (Melankolic promo)
    19. Miguel Migs--Dubplate Sessions 12" (NRK/UK)
    20. Bassman--Minimal Distraction (Fabrique/Austria)
    LAST WEEK'S PLAYLIST: Special Covers Show; listen to the show with the
    RealPlayer 8 & higher at
    1.  Flanger--So What? (original: Miles Davis--1959)
    Midnight Sounds (Ninja Tune)
    2.  4 Hero--Les Fleur (original: Minnie Riperton--1969)
    Creating Patterns (Talkin Loud/UK)
    3.  Nuyorican Soul--I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (original: Rotary
    Nuyorican Soul (Giant Step)
    4.  Dennis Mobley & Fresh Taste--Superstition (original: Stevie
    Jazz Bizniz compilation (Counterpoint/UK)
    5.  Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings--What Have You've Done For Me Lately
    (original: Janet Jackson--1986)
    Dap Dippin' With Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (Daptone)
    6.  Joseph Malik--Take It All In & Check It All Out (original: Bill
    Diverse (Compost)
    7.  George Benson--The Ghetto/El Barrio (original of "The Ghetto: Donnie
    Gilles Peterson Presents Worldwide Programme 1 compilation (Talkin'
    8.  Bauchklang--Roxanne (original: The Police--1978)
    Jamzero (Ecco Chamber/Austria)
    9.  Dani Siciliano--Come As You Are (original: Nirvana--1991)
    (Lil Sici/UK)
    10. Micatone--Arabesque (original: Nicola Conte--2001)
    Jet Sounds Revisited compilation (Schema/Eighteenth Street Lounge Music)
    11. Re:Jazz--Release Your Mind (original: Soulpatrol--2000)
    Re:Jazz (Infracom)
    12. Sweet Stuff--Freaky (To You) (original: "I Want To Do Something
    (Freaky To You) by Leon Haywood--1975)
    California Soul compilation (Luv N'Haight)
    13. Massive Attack--Just Be Thankful (For What You Got) (original:
    William DeVaughn--1974)
    Blue Lines (Virgin)
    14. De Angelo, Femi Kuti, Macy Gray et. al--Water No Get Enemy
    (original: Fela Kuti--1975)
    Red, Hot & Riot compilation (Red Hot/MCA)
    15. Frank de JoJo--Turn Off The Lights (original: Larry Young's
    Fluid Ounce: Unmeasured compilation (Fluid Ounce/Ubiquity)
    16. Rae & Christian--Flashlight (Rae & Christian Cover) (original:
    Nocturnal Activity: Sleepwalking Remixed compilation (Grand Central)
    17. Tom Tom Club--Love To Love You Baby (original: Donna Summer---1975)
    The Good, The Bad & The Funky (Ryko)
    18. Ib--You Are In My System (original: The System--1983)
    Orbit Lounge compilation (Shadow)
    19. Tricky--Black Steel (original: "Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos" by
    Public Enemy--1988)
    Maxinquaye (4th & Broadway)
    20. Krust featuring Lonnie Laws--Cat People (Putting Out Fires)
    (original: David Bowie--1982)
    Long Time Dead sountrack EP 12" (Talkin' Loud/UK)
    21. Fila Brazilia--Nature Boy (original: Nat King Cole--1943)
    7" (Azuli/UK)
    22. John Beltran--Fragile (original: Sting--1987)
    Sun Gypsy (Ubiquity)
    23. United Future Organization--Listen Love: Osunlade's Yoruba Soul Mix
    (original: Jon Lucien--1974)
    Moshi Moshi: Nu Sounds From Japan compilation (Fuego/UK)
    24. Big Bang--Speak Low (original: Kurt Weill)
    Rewind 2 compilation (Ubiquity)
    25. Mr. Hermano--Free As The Morning Sun (original: Santana--1979)
    Vikter Duplaix: DJ Kicks compilation (!K7)
    26. Nickodemus & Osiris--Why Can't We Live Together (original: Timmy
    12" (Giant Step)
    27. Marc Moulin--Inner City Blues (original: Marvin Gaye--1971)
    Jazz Bizniz compilation (Counterpoint/UK)
    28. The Bob Beldon Project with Jimi Tunnell--Kiss (original:
    DJ Smash Presents Phonography 2 sampler EP 12" (Blue Note)
    29. Terry Callier--Just My Imagination (original: Temptations--1971)
    Rewind 2 compilation (Ubiquity)
    30. Massive Attack--Light My Fire (original: The Doors--1967)
    Protection (Virgin)
    Urban Landscapes proudly supports quality independent music from around
    the world. Respect and gratitude to all the independent labels, radio
    promotion folks, and related entities for sharing the wonderful musical
    goods. The show has been keeping it real for over five years, as
    themovement continues to expand its influence.
    Please feel free to send promos/musical submissions (CD/CDR, vinyl, and
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