[acid-jazz] Stylin 82

From: Ennio Styles (stylin_at_modalforces.com)
Date: 2003-03-12 13:22:42

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    STYLIN - Rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other worldly fusions
    Friday afternoons 12-2pm RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne
    Live online - http://www.rrr.org.au/index2.html (see below for times)

    Hello all

    No guests, no interviews, no Trainspotters' Corner last week. So it was all
    about the music (definitely wasn't about my voice!). Maybe the same thing
    this week or maybe a surprise Melbourne or London guest.

    Meanwhile, get down to Open Sesame at Honkytonks this Thursday (which could
    be tomorrow or tonight depending on when you're reading this) to hassle me
    for one of the big pile of Stereo Deluxe CDs I'll have to give away
    (including music from former Stylin guests Espen Horne (Bobby Hughes
    Combination) & Mo Horizons).

    until then
    Ennio Styles

    ***** COMING UP ON STYLIN *****
    Friday 21 March - Crazy Penis (UK)
    Friday 28 March - Andy Mitchell (NZ)

    In the pipeline - Eivind Olsvik, Cliffy & Russ Jones, Kano, Action Direkt,
    DJ Lubi, Nicola Conte, Declan Kelly, Huwston, Mr Scruff, Break Reform, DJ
    Spider, Peter Pasqual

    ***** STYLIN 82 - PLAYLIST - FRIDAY 7 MARCH 2003 *****
    Title - Artist (Label/Australian Distributor (if known))
    * Australian/NZ artist/label/remixer
    1. meu nome e ze - ed cortes & antonio pinto (warner)
    2. cookin - beatfanatik (raw fusion)
    3. jazz - double dee & steinski (starchild)
    4. can't fall asleep - zimpala (instinctive travels/creative vibes)
    5. back in the day - c83 (en:vision)
    6. corcovado (knee deep remix) - everything but the girl (virgin)
    7. jaleo - truby trio (compost/creative vibes)
    8. vazilando - oreja (papa)
    9. style (dublex inc dub) - re:jazz (infracom/creative vibes)
    10. *fly away (baby mammoth remix) - suburban lights (diversions)
    11. time for change - speedometer (kennel club)
    12. babarabatiri - quantic soul orchestra (tru thoughts)
    13. the one who needs you - vince andrews (niteroi)
    14. pygmy - mel brown (karmenpolicy)
    15. record collector - bill wells trio (geographic)
    16. california flight - california flight project (black diamond)
    17. chemical brothers - the royal family (rj3)
    18. just wanna know - darrius willrich (critical sun)
    19. affinity - dwele (virgin)
    20. mango juize - jay soul (lovecat)
    21. 4u - jneirojarel (orienj)
    22. sunrise - jimpster (spinning wheel/creative vibes)
    23. balkan express (panoptikum remix) - rtb big band (cosmic sounds)
    24. transworld (quantic remix) - ufo (exceptional/inertia)

    For previous playlists, go to http://www.rrr.org.au/onair/shows/stylin.html.

    ***** ENNIO STYLES EVENTS *****
    Every Thursday - Open Sesame at Honkytonks w/ Kano + guest DJs, dancers &
      Thursday March 13 w/ Julian (Sydney) & Stereo Deluxe label party with dope
      Thursday March 20 w/ DJ Jorj
      Thursday April 17 w/ Elvis Aljus (percussion)
    Friday 21 March @ Prince of Wales w/ Crazy Penis live (UK), Action Direkt,
    Kano, Ransom


    Psybossa - Ennio Styles & Lanu
    From 12" "Local People EP 001" (Local People, Australia, 2002)
    Sound sample: http://www.vinyl-junkies.co.uk/samples/VJ6107_1.ram

    Cubano Chant (Ennio Styles Remix) - SHQ
    From 2LP/CD "Cosmic Sounds Remixed" (Cosmic Sounds, UK, 2003)
    Info: http://cosmicsounds-london.com/label/cs-28/cs-28.htm
    Sound sample: http://www.cosmic.f9.co.uk/MP3s/cs28ennio.mp3

    In the pipeline: Local People EP 002, remix for Daniel Magg (Compost)

    These tunes have been supported by Straight No Chaser magazine, Gilles
    Peterson, Jazzanova, Rainer Truby, Nicola Conte, Michael Rutten, Recloose,
    Patrick Forge, BNX, Cliffy and many more around the globe. Thank you all!

    Interplanetary jazz beats and rhythms compiled by Ennio Styles and Kano.
    Rare and unreleased music from Pablo, Hajime Yoshizawa, Volker Meitz,
    Plutonic Lab & RuCL, Russ Gabriel, The Bamboos, Fragment Orchestra, Gotan
    Project, Joanna Law, Wagon Cookin and Swell Session. Crazy dope cover art by

    "One of the best for 2002" - Michael Rutten
    "deep, sexy, exotic music to be savoured; music that can make you think,
    feel and, of course, dance" - Play
    "incredibly good" - Zebra
    "recent cuts masquerading as forgotten masterpieces" - Zebra
    "a wonderful collection of undiscovered music" - TRM
    "guaranteed to keep you slipping this disc in the player - if you can get it
    out" - Remix
    "a touch of mastery" - inthemix.com.au

    Available now through Hardware Records (distributed in Australia by Shock).
    Buy it online through:
    Shock (Australia)
    Groovedis (Chicago) (sound samples online)


    To find out what time Stylin is on in your town, go to

    Last time I checked, these times were right:
    Adelaide - Fri 1130am-130pm
    Auckland - Fri 2-4pm
    Berlin - Fri 2-4am
    Caracas - Thurs 9-11pm
    Hong Kong - Fri 9-11am
    London - Fri 1-3am
    New York - Thurs 8-10pm
    Oslo - Fri 2-4am
    Paris - Fri 2-4am
    Perth - Fri 9-11am
    San Francisco - Thurs 5-7pm
    Singapore - Fri 9-11am
    Stockholm - Fri 2-4am
    Tokyo - Fri 10am-12pm

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