RE: [acid-jazz] Songs for peace/protest

From: nethed (
Date: 2003-03-16 13:12:05

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    Several artists have started taking up the challenge, ie the Beastie Boys,
    Chumbawumba, John Mellencamp (!), Billy Bragg, etc. and there are numerous
    different artists joining different groups all sayin the same thing.

    Ninja Tune has been viralling Saul Williams "Not In My Name" around the
    internet now since January 28th. If anyone is interested in doing a mix
    described in this email, we suggest you follow the instructions for submitting
    a mix to Solid Steel in the sig file below, although Solid Steel does reserve
    the right to determine the quality standards b4 airing a mix.

    Here's a record label listening & doing.

    btw: we looked on and couldnt find the link. sorry if its
    already been posted but would like to see it.


    At 9:05 am +0000 16/3/03, Rod Farrell wrote:
    >What about Joe Smooth's "Promised Land"?
    >I know it's probably just early '90's, loved up, "E" sentiment and
    >not specifically anti-war or pro-peace (or acid jazz really), but it
    >always puts me in a peacful place.
    >If you're not familiar with it, try and track it down and see for yourself.
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    >>Subject: [acid-jazz] Songs for peace/protest
    >>OK, here's another idea inspired by the cover songs.
    >>Without getting overtly political...
    >>How about songs that are for peace. Or if you prefer, songs that are
    >>As you may, or may not, know the broadcasting conglomerate Clear Chanel has
    >>a long list of song's its actually banned from being aired on their many
    >>thousands of radio stations. So, basically, nobody is hearing any songs that
    >>might even hint at a pro-peace/anti-war stance (and this is with all due
    >>respect to those out there that agree with the Chicken Hawks that we should
    >>What I'd like to put out there as an idea is a compilation of tracks from
    >>the scene that offer a pro-peace message. Tracks that come to mind include
    >>Tony Allen's "We Don't Want No War", or Yo La Tengo's cover of "Nuclear
    >>War", but I know there are many out there.
    >>If any record label is reading this, why not take up this as a non-profit
    >>Also, to producers out there. How about a song that samples some of these
    >>tracks? How about splicing, say, David Bowie's "This is Not America" with
    >>'Time Zone" of something to that effect.
    >>Any body who takes this idea up: I'll glady post anything you do to
    >>Mundovibes and I'm sure there are plenty of other sites who would do the

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