Re: [acid-jazz] r solution-the peace revolution & more songs

From: nethed (
Date: 2003-03-16 13:29:44

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    myrna, this mix is awesome... thanks for turning us on to it.
    we put the station in ninjas links

    Edwin Starr "Stop The War" which Jazz FM played on the 12th of Feb,
    but they just had a management buyout and they've gone xtremely bland
    & commercial in the last month.

    At 6:04 pm +0000 15/3/03, ** myrna ** wrote:
    >beautiful and the reply to my post about a month ago (finally).
    >r solution-the peace revolution, set by marc of 4 hero.
    >kickin apathy in the face,
    >and get your asses out to those protests
    >(if you're in orlando it's at gaston edwards park, 1236 n orange
    >ave, see u there)

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