Re: [acid-jazz] Clear Channel & Fascism

From: kristopher robin (
Date: 2003-03-24 23:39:27

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    Bob Davis wrote:

    > I suppose that Clear Channel has a right to take a stand on the war.
    > However give their almost monopolistic dominance over today';s radio industry, I think that
    > it also says quite a bit about what their agenda for controlling the information that we are
    > going to be allowed to recieve.

    some more from a Salon article:

    .... Her sense of a country wanting to shut people up was confirmed last night at an Ani DiFranco
    concert in New Jersey. The concert took place at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, a venue
    owned by radio and concert behemoth Clear Channel. The company barred political groups from
    setting up tables at the concert and, according to progressive radio host Amy Goodman, who
    introduced DiFranco, company officials threatened to cut the microphones if there was any
    political speech onstage. The show was delayed as DiFranco fought with Clear Channel.