[acid-jazz] News :: Sunaga T Experience, Jazztronik New Albums

From: Wesley (wesleyhongkong_at_earthlink.net)
Date: 2003-03-24 23:24:38

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    News :: Sunaga T Experience, Jazztronik New Albums

    - Jazztronik New Album
    i haven't check Jazztronik's site for quite a while, so although i've
    already posted about his new album, it was only till it arrived in my
    hands that i realized it was about to come out...just next month!
    Titled 'Set Free,' it's a 13 track album to be out April 02. the 12"
    Rita isn't included. here's the webpage for the album cover:

    and HMV has it of course, with a large photo of it (click large
    and CD Japan

    - Sunaga T Experience New Album
    i'm finally listening to the new Sunaga T Experience album. the first
    few tracks i've heard so far are just so beautiful!--strings, bossa,
    Futari, oh my!; sweetly soaring vocalists, retro and now, impeccable but
    warm production,... as posted before, this one's also out April 02.
    apparently, arisaka mika (of live hip-hop band Loop Junktion, and bird &
    monday michiru backing vocalist) also guests on the album, along with
    Pat Metheny, Toyono, and others previously mentioned. like his first
    album Crouka, it's a conceptual sound journey: this one with the radio
    as the centerpiece in the interludes. so far it's sounding like a must
    get! and it's on Readymade so expect great package design and art.




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