Re: [acid-jazz] Wordless People member debut

From: Peter Nicholson (
Date: 2003-03-26 23:41:45

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    speaking of hospital, the new London Elektricity album is the BOMB! two
    tracks with Robert Owens on 'em that make me want to wave my hands in
    the air and yell 'booo!', or 'rewind!' or whatever it is you're supposed
    to do.
    continuing on the d n' b tip, DJ Soul Slinger has a new one for the
    ECOSYSTEM Amazon benefit that has some truly wonderful d n' b meets
    brazilian jazz. very tasty.
    how about the second 'good good' ? I never got it, don't know if it was
    serviced in the US.

    t-bird wrote:

    >i'm a little surprised no-one's mentioned the hospital
    >label's "outpatients" comps, "music & movement" (i
    >think the guy that compiles this series is a listee),
    >or 2000 black's "good good" (first is jazzier, second
    >is more broken-beat).
    >artists i would mention:
    >mark de clive-lowe, landslide (sometimes he does d&b,
    >or 2-step, but almost always jazzy), pavel kostiuk
    >(dego from 4hero), mr. gone, rainer truby trio and
    >some of the newer fauna flash (same group minus rainer
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