#2Re: [acid-jazz] Wordless People member debut

From: Peter Nicholson (bournik_at_svn.net)
Date: 2003-03-26 23:45:20

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    I skimmed over the mention of de clive lowe. When I first got his
    Megashira album, I didn't think much of it, but it has turned out to be
    one of the better lasting lp's. still sounds fresh 3 years on.

    t-bird wrote:

    >i'm a little surprised no-one's mentioned the hospital
    >label's "outpatients" comps, "music & movement" (i
    >think the guy that compiles this series is a listee),
    >or 2000 black's "good good" (first is jazzier, second
    >is more broken-beat).
    >artists i would mention:
    >mark de clive-lowe, landslide (sometimes he does d&b,
    >or 2-step, but almost always jazzy), pavel kostiuk
    >(dego from 4hero), mr. gone, rainer truby trio and
    >some of the newer fauna flash (same group minus rainer
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