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From: Jason Jasberto Batog (
Date: 2003-03-27 10:59:01

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    on 3/26/03 1:05 PM, Mozsik, Tibor at wrote:
    > The gentleman's name is Nik "Nippon" Weston. Surely Music & Movement vol. 1 is
    > an instant classic. Watch out his Japanese jazz compilation "A Nite Out In
    > London" (??? I can't really understand this title though) soon on Aosis label.

    Actually I think it is selections from the Aosis catalogue which may or may
    not be a good thing, Aosis stuff can be a little over-produced if you know
    what I mean. However, it contains the much sought after Seikou Nagaoka
    "Speed Of Love" dancefloor bomb and Nik Weston has great taste so I'm sure
    the compilation is very good! If you want to peep the track listing for
    this possible Japan-only compilation called "Take Me Aosis: A Nite Out In
    London", here it is:

    Another compilation that is within the series is also out called "Take Me
    Aosis: A Day In Paris" although it is NOT compiled by Mr. Nik Weston.

    All the best,