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From: Pedro Cevallos Jr (cevallos_at_bellsouth.net)
Date: 2003-03-30 01:49:01

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    I have been trying to archive me entire music collection (two decades
    worth) into my external HD. For the last six months I have been
    involved in cleaning the records, finding the choice cuts, EQing them
    just right, dumping them first to DAT and then into the HD (all of
    course in real time). This labor of love finally came to an end when my
    60 gig HD finally told me it was full this morning. Thus I come to the
    oracle and ask for your collective wisdom... Can anybody point me in
    the direction of the best HDs for storing the rest of my collection?
    Firewire or USB-2? Any and all leads are greatly welcomed.
    Pedro Cevallos

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