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From: Addi Hou (
Date: 2003-03-31 21:20:01

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    Pedro, sounds interesting (and time-consuming) what you are doing. can you tell me your process as I am interested in transferring some of my vinyl recordings on to my harddrive and then to MP3 format. I have a Mac G4 laptop.  What programs and/or hardware connections do I need?

    Also, can anyone recommend the best (and easiest to learn) program out there to get a mixes on to a cd via turntables>mixer>G4 harddrive? I heard that ProTools is good for this. I downloaded the free version but it seems a formidable task to learn.


    addi hou 

    >From: "Pedro Cevallos Jr"
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    >Subject: [acid-jazz] + My CD & Vinyl Collection ------> MP3 +
    >Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 19:49:01 -0500
    >I have been trying to archive me entire music collection (two decades
    >worth) into my external HD. For the last six months I have been
    >involved in cleaning the records, finding the choice cuts, EQing them
    >just right, dumping them first to DAT and then into the HD (all of
    >course in real time). This labor of love finally came to an end when my
    >60 gig HD finally told me it was full this morning. Thus I come to the
    >oracle and ask for your collective wisdom... Can anybody point me in
    >the direction of the best HDs for storing the rest of my collection?
    >Firewire or USB-2? Any and all leads are greatly welcomed.
    >Pedro Cevallos
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