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From: Phil Broekelmann (
Date: 2003-09-17 15:02:04

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    Hi dtown'81

    A new compilation concept called "I Like It" will soon be released on
    CPT 145-1/-2 Worlwide release date 17.11.2003
    Arthur Russell - In The light On A Miracle is actually a track on that comp.

    The idea is to have four guys (DJ Hell, Peter Kruder, Theo Thönnessen and
    Michael Reinboth) each showcasing four timeless tracks. Russell's track is
    among Thönnessen's selection. Theo Thönnessen is a Munich local and long
    time resident at Into Somethin clubnight. And a great guy.

    The comp will be out on CD and vinyl.


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    > hmmm... saw this listed on the newest compost radio show:
    > > Arthur Russell - In The Light Of A Miracle - Compost Test
    > anyone know whats up!? are compost reissuing this track on 12"!?! also,
    > heard that russell's seminal 'world of echo' lp was being reissued... are
    > compost behind that too?
    > either way... its about freakin' time his material sees the light of day
    > once again :)
    > dtown'81