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Date: 2003-09-17 15:10:05

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    i know jonathon more from coldcut is a big fan and did an arthur russell
    special on solid steel once - i collected some biography info for him.

    i worked at sleeping bag in the early days and have a bunch of the early
    stuff - it is sooooooo out there yet sooooooooo today.


    At 3:02 pm +0200 17/9/03, Phil Broekelmann wrote:
    >Hi dtown'81
    >A new compilation concept called "I Like It" will soon be released on
    >CPT 145-1/-2 Worlwide release date 17.11.2003
    >Arthur Russell - In The light On A Miracle is actually a track on that comp.
    >The idea is to have four guys (DJ Hell, Peter Kruder, Theo Thönnessen and
    >Michael Reinboth) each showcasing four timeless tracks. Russell's track is
    >among Thönnessen's selection. Theo Thönnessen is a Munich local and long
    >time resident at Into Somethin clubnight. And a great guy.
    >The comp will be out on CD and vinyl.
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    >> hmmm... saw this listed on the newest compost radio show:
    >> > Arthur Russell - In The Light Of A Miracle - Compost Test
    >> anyone know whats up!? are compost reissuing this track on 12"!?! also,
    >> heard that russell's seminal 'world of echo' lp was being reissued... are
    >> compost behind that too?
    >> either way... its about freakin' time his material sees the light of day
    > > once again :)
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    > > dtown'81
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