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From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2003-09-17 15:02:25

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    Jon Freer’s Reviews. 16th September 2003.

    Thanks to Sarah at Favouritizm, Nathan Haines, Phil
    Asher, Jake at Counterpoint, Dom Servini, Nik Weston,
    Caroline at Soma/Fenetik, Steve at Timewarp and
    Anton at Trailer for these...

    Nathan Haines – Squire For Hire LP (Chillifunk)
    Cat No: CFCD010. Available Now.
    Less clubfloor orientated than his debut offering for
    Chillifunk, “Squire For Hire” once again exposes
    Nathan’s talent as a multi-instrumentalist and also shows
    his roots as a Jazz musician. Under the watchful
    guidance of Phil Asher, this LP is set to break further
    boundaries, offering a little something for everyone. “O
    Misterio” features the wonderful Guida de Palma, who
    craves for a special someone, over string-led theatrics,
    soft flute and good as gold keys. “Doot Dude” is without
    doubt the standout dancefloor orientated cut, as Lyric L
    gets all caught up in the chance meeting with a stranger,
    while swooning keys, shifting beats and smudged
    fattened bass provide the backdrop. “Let It Go” sees
    Rich Medina come on like a Gill Scott Heron for the 21st
    century, as his conscious soul-searching vocals link up
    with a true sax, cajoling trumpet and percussion that
    rocks back and forth. If you’re looking for an album full of
    “Earth Is The Place” style floor fillers then just buy the
    singles. This album is a mature genre-crossing
    personal offering from Nathan.

    Various - Jazz Bizniz 3 Reworks (Counterpoint)
    Cat No: CRS019. Available Now.
    After the success of the original “Jazz Bizniz 3” LP, it
    seemed only right that a couple of the star cuts get re-
    tooled by forward-thinking beat merchants. While every
    ‘super cool’ DJ and journo wets themselves over Yam
    Who’s latest illegitimate R’n’B re-rub, this 12 shows they
    can turn out an official reinterpretation in style, too. Their
    remix of Dwayne Morgan’s “Everything” is an intense
    spiritually aware escapade, with a crazy outer-space
    sent synth, gorgeous steel band tinkerings, no nonsense
    beats and enticing strings. While Raw Fusion’s Beat
    Fanatic get to grips with Tata Vasquez’s “Suite
    Guaracho” and bring us a carnival rump shaker, courtesy
    of mesmeric Latin percussion, irresistible charming
    keys, sax madness and a vocalist with their head in the

    Rosie Brown – Bliss (Wah Wah 45’s)
    Distinctive Jazzy vocalist Rosie Brown gets down for
    some wondrous future-soul business on this release for
    Dom Servini’s sought after Wah Wah 45’s imprint. The
    original sees a guilty Rosie attempt to come to terms
    with a night of hedonistic pleasure between the sheets,
    backed by a strong yet malleable live bass, unflinching
    breaks and deadly honest acoustic extra’s. Will
    ‘Quantic’ Holland sharpens the percussion and slips a
    hardline live bass and grooving keys under Rosie’s
    smitten tortured vocals.

    Sidewinder – Resolution (Fenetik Music)
    Cat No: TIKCD001. Release Date: 6th October 2003.
    Alan Bryden aka Sidewinder doesn’t seem to really care
    what category his impressive compositions fall into.
    Combining a fine knowledge of how to get the most out
    of electronic equipment with a bevy of talented vocalists
    and musicians, “Resolution” is an assured an
    impressive debut. “The Adventure” sees a lazy
    strumming guitar, attention grabbing sax, ice cool vocals
    and smiley keys debate the future. “Less Than
    Effortless” puts in the work to create a classical/future-
    jazz soundclash, courtesy of refined strings, heaven sent
    synths, roughened breaks and energetic brass. “Plain
    Song” is an emotional number, with teary-eyed keys,
    fearful strings, a sliding bass and slow burning brass.
    Soma’s stylish younger sibling comes up with the goods!

    Various - Sun Ra Dedication (Kindred Spirits)
    Cat No: KS 003. Release Date: 29th September 2003.
    This mystical compilation of left of centre Jazziness
    celebrates the life of Jazz genius Sun Ra. It features ear-
    splitting numbers alongside some outstandingly beautiful
    music. Recloose hooks up with key master Jonathan
    Crayford on “Paepulsariki”, a cut of mind-numbing
    beauty, with its crazy synth warbles, morphing bass,
    clickety travelling beats and wind up music box type
    keys. Alex Attias gives us a vision of Armageddon via
    “Nuclear War”, as vocalist Mustang visualizes the
    aftermath, over careless angry broken percussion,
    smooth keys, a hard as nails bass and crashing gongs.
    Offworld transports Vanessa Freeman to another world
    on “Astro Black” where she reports of the beauty of her
    surroundings, alongside buttery keys, a lingering bass
    and FX sprinkles. The quality and diversity of artists
    shows the extent of Sun Ra’s influence on modern day
    producers and musicians.

    Lotek HiFi – Percolator (Big Dada)
    Cat No: BD059. Release Date: 22nd September 2003.
    Ragga-2-step-Indian-Hop anyone? Lotek HiFi blast
    away the competition with a wee 7” of massive
    proportions. “Percolator” takes slightly Bollywood-
    sounding blinding strings, 2-3 step percussion, warped
    keys and a moody subtle bass, as MC’s praise the herb.
    The ‘Percolator Refill’ with Wayne Paul and Aurelius is
    an inviting party styled re-hash, with boastful strings, a
    growling bass and dubbed up inebriated woodwind

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