Re: [acid-jazz] + What happened to Groovetech +

From: nethed (
Date: 2003-09-26 12:38:51

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    The last communication I had was from departing staff @ groovetech
    in London, some of whom I've known for 5+ yrs from other music biz

    Anyway, the company got new investors who I was told are in the process
    of moving the shop into a central london facility and I was told that
    the new guys would be in touch.

    I havent had the time to get in touch - although today
    after seeing this thread I decided to check the site & I see what
    yr saying - its disappeared!

    Hmmm. I shall be emailing the contacts I was given and promise to
    report back to the list when/if I hear especially as solid steel
    was on there.

    So many artists in the archives that it would be a shame to lose all
    those great shows from the web.


    At 3:53 pm -0700 21/9/03, Michael Greenleaf wrote:
    >groovetech in seattle is no more. so, i beleive the entire company to be
    >disbanded. they did a great job while it lasted though...
    >> the company who owned & operated groove-tech (from uk offices i think)
    >> decided to shut it down last week due to no profit turnover in the 2 +
    >> years it was in operation.
    >> that is from the uk office. i am not sure if the US branch is allowed to
    >> re-group and go back into operation or not.
    >> thats all i know at the moment. there are news pieces here & there on
    > > the internet at the moment.