[acid-jazz] Promo Thoughts :: bird - Double Chance, Da Lata - Serious

From: Wesley (wesleyc_at_cox.net)
Date: 2003-09-26 13:21:23

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    (quick) Promo Thoughts :: bird - Double Chance, Da Lata - Serious

    i got the new bird this week. had a chance to listen to it twice while
    multi-tasking, so i can't say anything conclusive bout it yet. sounds
    like bird's gone easy listening. there were a couple slight hints of
    this direction on her last album, but she's really shed her massive
    jazz+electronic environs and at many points on the album sounds like
    Norah Jones. bird composes 2 songs this time.

    will listen to the new Da Lata album (out November 10) tomorrow--feels
    good just to hold it. has 10 tracks, 2 with Nina Miranda... credits
    show Franck doing most of the songwriting. this time they're on Palm
    Pictures, so hopefully they'll have a decent marketing team and budget...

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