[acid-jazz] CD Review: Louise Perryman - Whisper My Name

From: Bob Davis (earthjuice_at_prodigy.net)
Date: 2003-09-26 13:38:49

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    What’s in a label?
    Is this a jazz album or is it an R&B album?

    CD Review: Louise Perryman - Whisper My Name
    I mentioned this CD earlier in the year as one of the best releases I have heard so far in
    My opinion of it has grown since that time....

    There is a long history of white women singing R&B music that Black people have automatically
    accepted when they have heard the music. Austrailian Louise Perryman fits neatly into that

    Sometimes Louise Perryman’s voice reminds me of Anita Baker, sometimes she reminds me of Laura
    Nyro, and sometimes she reminds me of Maria Muldar.

    The music playing behind her sweet and sultry voice is kinda in a “70’s Jazz-Funk” mode, not
    unlike that of Minnie Riperton’s “Adventures In Paradise”

    All of these tracks are original compositions; so obviously Louise is quite talented.
    That is obvious from the first song, "Whisper My Name"...

    "Whisper my name, I know you want it
    My name, my name, over and over
    Can you say it to me the way you say it when it's just you and me
    The more I see, the more I want it
    The more I need
    It's more than just a breeze
    Carrying you and me
    This love is like a hurricane chasing the wind
    Hush now baby, we can have it all
    If you hush now baby, listen to your heart
    Oh, hush now baby, ain't no need for words
    Nothing's been the same"

    This is some STRONG, SERIOUS and SENSOUS songwriting here folks...

    (And it's one of the best CD releases that I have heard this year)

    Here is the track listing...

    1. Whisper My Name
    2. Play Your Game
    3. Everybody Need a Little Love
    4. Stay
    5. Thinkin' Too Much
    6. Prayer For You
    7. This Is Heaven
    8. You Can't Stop Me Now

    So far this year, “Whisper My Name” is flat out the most erotic CD I have heard this year and
    would make a perfect CD to follow the CD “Consenting Adultz” by our own resident lover man,
    Will Wheaton. So be sure to clear out a place in your stack of CD’s.

    Are you looking for something a little bit different to thow into your “3am Mix”, right after
    Will Wheaton and just before Barry White?

    And at "3am", does it really matter if you want to call it a "jazz album" or an r&b album?

    You can’t go wrong with Louise Perryman – “Whisper My Name"

    JUST STICK IT IN (the CD player) and do yo thang :)

    (and look for some of this music soon on Soul-Patrol.Net radio)

    Bob Davis
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