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From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2003-09-29 13:25:01

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    Jon Freer’s Reviews. 28th September 2003.

    V/A - Groove Anthology: House Not House 2 (Farside)
    Cat No: Farside 006. Available Now. Mixed CD compilation.
    German Ingo Sanger shows it’s all about the vibes and the mood not the tempo. Ingo excels on this compilation, picking a colourful selection of cuts for the open-minded. Clyde feat Capitol A sees the rather ace At Jazz provide a slice of mouth watering enticement in the shape of “Serve It Up”, courtesy of some gutsy keys, tense strings, broken hop percussion and a tight bass. The Blaze Vocal Mix of Kimblee’s “Naturally” is frustrated spiritual love poetry, with gentle understanding percussion, sparkling keys, soul-touched guitar and lonely vocals. “We Come Along” by Soul Glow invites listeners to join them for some tender flugal horn action, alongside hoppety hip beats, charming strings and good as gold keys. Genres and pigeonholes don’t really matter, when the music on show is so good!

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