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From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2003-09-29 13:24:14

Jon Freer’s Reviews. 27th September 2003.

Thanks to Nik Weston, Caroline at Soma & Manuel Perez for these

Sidewinder – Ego Riot / Missing Link (Fenetik Music)
Cat No: TIK 016. Available Now.
Fenetik drop this little sneaky 7” as an appetizer for Sidewinder’s rather
fine “Resolution” LP. “Ego Riot” is a little funkin’ stormer, with relaxed
popped percussion, brass blasts, dangerous guitar stabs and a determined
gritted teeth bass. “Missing Link” is a superior relaxed journey, where
blended keys, serene synth groovings and a murmuring bass combine.

Verve Remixed 2 Sampler (Verve Music Group)
Release Date: 6th October 2003.
Remixing classics is never an easy task, however Jaffa and The Funky Lowlives
come through with special interpretations of two Jazz greats. Jaffa’s rerub of
Nina Simone’s “Black Is The Colour Of My True Love’s Hair” is breathtaking,
courtesy of its shuffling breakbeats, emotional strings, sweet keys and Nina’s
adoring vocals. The Lowlives give Dizzy Gillespie a neo-jazz broken refit,
with energetic beats, rude live bass, title excerpts and Dizzy’s mind boggling
trumpeted exploits. Probably best not to compare them to the originals from a
different era in music, but they do hold their own and therefore are worth
checking out.

Sidewinder – Less Than Effortless / Open Source (Remixes) (Fenetik)
Cat No: TIK 017. Release Date: 6th October 2003.
Soul Patrol and Tom Churchill retouch a couple of cuts from the album and give
them a decidedly more upbeat broken vibe. Soul Patrol’s ‘Afrolicious’ remix
of “Less Than Effortless” is a decidedly bland attempt at afrobeat, with
unkempt percussion, winding pressurising bass and carried away keys. Tom
Churchill’s retouch of “Open Source” is a haunting flute-led escapade, as
playful digitised breaks, mysterious keys, subtle pointed synth and smile-
inducing bass provide the backing.

Tweak Presents Sharon Harris – Generations (Head To Toe)
Cat No: TOE 010. Release Date: 6th October 2003.
Famed for watches and bank accounts, Switzerland is perhaps not the first place
you’d expect to find as the place of origin for the next outing on Italy’s
leading broken beat label. The original takes catchy invigorating keys, lush
pads and a smudged bass alongside Sharon’s moralistic vocals to create a
standard fractured affair. Stockholm Cyclo shows his violent side with an
excellent angry mix of “Generations”, as beats punch hard, synths kick and keys

Spiro Project feat Derek Huntsman – Your Love Won’t Let Me Wait (Remixes)
(Lace) Cat No: LACE005. Promo.
Originally released on Wrong Steps in Sweden, this track receives another
outing in remixed form, courtesy of the Catalan based Lace imprint. The
Beloved turn in a deep yet pumping refit, while Raph Dumas brings out the bass
and lets wavy keys sit atop. Martinez provides a wonderful soft-stepped broken
remix, with luxurious keys and a purring bass. Jori Hulkkonen provides a
typically dancefloor orientated moody bass groove, where keys wobble, synths
thrust and the percussion is kept tight.

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