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From: Peter Nicholson (
Date: 2004-05-19 00:56:12

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    Nice way to procrastinate writing about Jazzanova (well, I've got
    ...Mixing playing in the background, so I guess technically I am

    not sure how timeless these are but they are certainly classics.
    definitely tried to take an old school view of 'acid jazz' for this.
    no order to these, just old goodies:

    1.James Taylor Quartet Absolute - JTQ Live
    2. Most any Snowboy, particularly "Snowboy's House of Latin"
    3. Galliano "Prince of Peace" break out the knit caps and the goatees!
    4. Young Disciples Road to Freedom
    5. Incognito "Always There"
    6. Pal Joey remix of Perception "Feed the Feeling"
    7. Nightmares on Wax A Word of Science
    8. Nuyorican Soul "Nervous Track" this one sounded like it came from
    another planet - unfuckingbelievable!
    9. The Orb "Little Fluffy Clouds"
    10. Key Tronics Ensemble "House of Calypso"
    11. Marden Hill "Come On"

    I could go on and on. this is an evil, time-sucking thread! please
    take it away before I miss my deadline! ;-)

    On Tuesday, May 18, 2004, at 03:13 PM, De Angela Duff wrote:

    > you can't pick any generally considered timeless classix, i.e., black
    > brown and beige, love supreme, kind of blue, innvervisions, and the
    > likeŠ these have to be releases from "our" eraŠ i.e., the aj era andŠ
    > u can't pimp your new favorite, i.e. nsm, dkd, etcŠ
    > what a great thread. I haven't been this excited about one for months.
    > for me, old drum and bass always puts a smile on my face. Whenever,
    > I'm down I listen to drum and bass (or the Doors (Jim Morrison and his
    > rhyming lyrics are pretty funny), I find it uplifting and there are
    > some jamiroquai and dj shadow songs that do so, but not a whole album,
    > but here goes:
    > off the bat, any Omar, Luke Vibert/Wagon Christ/Plug/etc, etc, etc or
    > Outkast CD will get a smile on my face pretty quick, but to choose
    > specific albums (impossible for me for Outkast! hey, I'm a southern
    > girl, living in Philly, when I want to connect with my roots and hear
    > my vernacular, I slap one of those on), that pretty much never leave
    > my playlist even though they are old:
    > 1. DJ Kicks: Kemistry and Storm
    > (If you could wear out a CD like a vinyl record, this would be the one
    > for me.
    > I played this over and over and over and over and over, and even
    > moreso after Kemistry died unexpectedly. Bill Riley's "Closing In"
    > contained the words: Now time is close at hand / death be starring. I
    > don't know if I heard them right, but that's what I always thought
    > they were, and it just made me value life more due to her death and my
    > state of mind at the time. I don't play it so much any more, but I
    > usually have a hankering for it more often than other old albums.
    > 2. J Majik: It's a tie between infrastructure and nightvision
    > (I can play these two compilations every day for a month and still not
    > get tired of them because I have done so. I play one of these almost
    > weekly for over a year now)
    > 3. Plug: Drum 'N Bass for Papa
    > (of everything listed here, this probably puts the biggest smile on my
    > face. only luke vibert could twist drum 'n bass up like this and make
    > it his own.
    > brilliant in my opinion. he's just so quirky, kitschy, fun. you gotta
    > love him.
    > if i had to pick only one luke vibert cd to take with me on a desert
    > island, this would be the one.
    > 4. Fishbone:  Give a Monkey a Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of
    > the Universe (The Warmth of Your Breath and Drunk Skitzo are
    > absolutely hilarious. Even though Chim Chim's Badass Revenge is very,
    > very close with beergut, monkey dick, and alcoholic.)
    > 5. Nicolette: Let No One Live Rent Free in Your Head
    > (this is the only thing I've ever liked by plaid; her vocals are
    > amazing. I've been playing this one since I got it). this also gets my
    > vote for best album title even though Clifford Gilberto's I was young
    > and I needed the money is close behind.
    > 6. Lewis Taylor: Lewis II
    > (semi-happy lewis. no one croons like lewis, not even prince)
    > 7. Omar: Music
    > (it is very hard to pick just one omar album, almost impossible, but
    > if I had to...)
    > 8. Vincent Gallo: When
    > (very simple, but visceral at the same time. never get tired of this
    > one.)
    > 9. Doyle Bramhall II: Jellycream
    > (great guitarist/great singer/great songwriter/great album. it must be
    > when eric clapton records two of the songs off of this album on the
    > next album he recorded after he heard this, and got Doyle to play on
    > his album and took him on tour.)
    > 10. Goldie: Timeless
    > (i feel like I'm in another world/another dimension. very much a
    > concept album. It was my virgin drum 'n bass experience. I was > hooked.)
    > Honorable Mentions:
    > Snoop Dogg's debut, Doggystyle
    > (when this came out, I was like finally someone who sounds country)
    > Common: one day it'll all make sense
    > (stolen moments pt. 1 and 2, cracks me up every time)
    > Writing about these albums, put a huge smile on my face. Let me go
    > play 'em.
    > Thanks for the thread, again.
    > -de

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